Maukko Maukko:  Shaking Netherlands With Ghanaian Bambuzi Style of Music

Maukko Maukko: Shaking Netherlands With Ghanaian Bambuzi Style of Music

Music is something many young people inspire to pursue; However it is rare to find someone as talented as Maukko Maukko.

When it comes to Afrobeat music he is one of Ghana’s most promising artist.
Maukko Maukko known in real life as Christian Affram, grew up in Tema(Accra) His love for music developed at a very tender age.

As a child he loved to spend time dancing to Micheal Jackson songs and because of the love and passion for music he used to perform during any entertainment event in school.

Christian was an outspoken student and was never afraid to express his passion for music. Aside music he was also part of the school’s basketball team.

Even though Maukko Maukko always thought he could pursue a career in music, after high school he also felt the need to make a positive contribution to the communities he grew up in.

Growing up with a father who was a businessman gave him the opportunity to meet different people from all over the world.

Meeting all those people outside of his own environment made him aware of other perspective on life he learned that knowledge was empowering. His insight made him want to become a teacher.

After successfully completing his studies from Accra College of Education. He became a teacher in kpando. His positive energy and desire to empower children with knowledge to enable them to be successful in life makes him an accomplished assistant headmaster today.

In addition to his work as a teacher, Christian makes a positive contribution to society with his charity organization called Afframsikpa Children Foundation.

The foundation helps underprivileged children and their families to be self-sufficient. More information on the foundation project can be found on: ASC FOUNDATION

While establishing himself as a well-known teacher and a charity worker, the musician in Christian was still alive, always entertain his students and friends with dance and self-written songs.

After years of teaching Maukko Maukko decided to bounce back into the entertainment industry and invest his energy in establishing himself as a serious musical artist.

He released his first single “The Dutch Girl” in 2019. Maukko Maukko travelled to Europe to perform in countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium,Switzerland etc:

While in Europe he collaborated with other artist in and outside Ghana. After returning to Ghana, he focus on writing and producing an album.2020 was a good year for Maukko Maukko as he released couple songs like “Location” and “Friendzone” which did massively well on the market.

He later released a new song titled “Kor Viade” and other songs. His mission as a musician has just started as his currently working on new projects which includes shooting of new videos and production of new songs.

His music is an interesting mix between afrobeat/ afrosoul and pop music, Blending English and local Ghanaian languages make it unique and his calls it Bambuzi Music.

Maukko Maukko has a new single out titled Malla which has a video coming out early next month check it out the audio out.

His music is available on Spotify.