Man Exposes Socialite Mishi Dora For Dragging & Stealing From Him

Man Exposes Socialite Mishi Dora For Dragging & Stealing From Him

Socialite Mishi Dora is about to get on the trend list this week for a crime she did years ago.

The man by the name of Farouk alias Kalen Gin has accused Nairobi Diaries reality TV show actress for dragging him using the mysterious “mchele” that had him in unconscious and passive condition that led to his free will deterred with.

Farouk spat out his MPESA PIN to Mishi Dora who in turn transfered funds and left the man helpless and unable to drive his car from  Westlands, Nairobi to Donholm.

This comes after influential Twitter user Osama Otero shared a tweet on how rampant the “mchele” incidence is being rampant in Nairobi.

Nairobi Diaries Actress Misho Dora

Otero’s tweet read; ” Hii story ya “mchele” hunipea wasiwasi sana. For those who dont know what “mchele” is. It is called Scopolamine. It affects memory and makes people more passive. You become unable to resist commands. But i dont know why there is no proper scientific explanation about this..”

In response to the tweet, Farouk who has-been a victim of dragging replied; 
“Thanks for bringing this up. Niliekewa na senior wh*#e @MishiDorah wa @K24Tv Nairobi Diaries. I gave her my mpesa pin. And couldn’t drive from Westy to donholm juu sikuwa nakumbuka njia. Helped by a guy who was heading to tao ,he found me stranded along Thika rd at 3am”

Other Twitter users also shared their personal experience with the said drug.

Misho Dora is yet to respond to the allegations.