Man douses wife in paraffin, sets her ablaze in vicious attack

Man douses wife in paraffin, sets her ablaze in vicious attack

A middle-aged woman is being treated at Changamwe’s Port Reitz hospital for severe burns after her husband allegedly set her on fire.

According to witnesses, drama begun after the man returned home and realised that his wife had prepared dinner yet he had not left any money.

He raised hell and accused his wife of taking money from another man precipitating an argument.


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According to reports, he doused his wife in paraffin before setting her ablaze during the argument.

He would then dash outside with a basin of water towards his wife, who had tumbled outside to seek assistance.

After well-wishers rushed the woman to the hospital, the middle-aged man is said to have dashed to his in-laws, where he lied about his wife suffering burns while cooking.

The truth would come to light after his inlaws visited his wife in hospital who gave details of what had transpired.

The suspect was apprehended shortly after and is being held at the Changamwe police station pending the outcome of the investigation.