Man admits to assaulting neighbor for having affair with his wife

Man admits to assaulting neighbor for having affair with his wife

Aman from Kwa Njoroge village in Nairobi’s City Park area amused the court when he admitted that he took revenge on his rival for seducing his wife.

Anthony Mwaniki Nyaga, according to court records, assaulted Evance Nduto Muasya, occasioning him bodily harm on November 11.

Rumours had it that the complainant had been seeing the wife of the accused behind his back. This got Nyaga worked up. This led to Nyaga facing ridicule from his friends and so he decided to do something about it.

On the day of the incident, Nyaga is said to have waited for Muasya armed with a stone. At 9.30 pm, the court was told, he spotted Muasya heading to his house.

He stopped him and asked him why he was having an affair with his wife but before the complainant could even defend himself, Nyaga, who was carrying a stone, hit him on the lower side of the eye, injuring him.

The complainant asked for help from passersby who intervened and rescued him. He went to the police station to record a statement after getting the medical attention, the court was told.

Nyaga was later arrested and taken to court where he admitted to assaulting the complainant for having an affair with his wife.


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