List of celebrity couples that almost dated

List of celebrity couples that almost dated

Many of us love to celebrate love in whatever form it comes in. what most of us don’t appreciate, however, is a failed talking stage with somebody one was more than sure would end up in a happy and long term relationship with.
These celebrities were on the verge of a happy long-term relationship but things did not go the way they had hoped.

Sanaipei Tande and Otile Brown

Sanaipei Tande

There were absolutely no rumors of a budding romance between the two until Otile Brown admitted it on a live radio interview. He said that while he was dating Vera Sidika, he did not in fact fancy her at first. he revealed that at the time, he and Sanaipie had taken a strong liking to each other while recording ‘Chaguo la moyo’ but Vera forced her way into his life pretty strongly and inched Sanaipei out. Ouch!

Huddah and Prezzo

Huddah and Prezzo seemed to intimately engage with each other around 2016 when Huddah was still new in the limelight; everybody thought they were in a relationship. this ended up being false as Huddah went on her social media to clarify that they never dated and were never an item no matter how close they appeared. at the time it was rather disappointing since they made a rather handsome couple.

Joey Muthengi and Mcdonald Mariga

Joey and Mariga were rumored to be an item when they were spotted going on a holiday in Italy together. Joey however took to her social media to deny all that by saying that they were simple business friends. that was a bummer as they seemed to make a very beautiful couple and the two were often seen in each other’s company, apparently having great chemistry on screen too.

Prezzo and Sheila Mwanyigha

Prezzo and Sheila were an explosive couple when they (barely) dated. however, their relationship was so short that they never got to cement their names on Kenya’s Hottest celeb last at the time. Sheila was still known as Nikki and it was obvious that she wanted to focus on her career before she could swept away by a playboy

Avril and J Blessing

Avril and J Blessing have had dating rumors for the longest time, most of them saying that the director was the father to her son! there was a period where the two were being extra close with each other but all the rumor-mongering stopped when the two faced the rumors head-on and denied them vehemently. The fact that their fans want them to date so much, seeing how close he seems to be with her, and the evidence that they are a handsome couple even while being friends makes it harder to accept! But who knows what happens in the background?

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