List of Celebrities With The Most Viral S*x Tapes

List of Celebrities With The Most Viral S*x Tapes

If there is one thing that celebrities never want to be attached to their names, it’s a s*x tape or a n*de getting out there that exposes them for everything that they are not!
However, sometimes, when this happens, the most peculiar thing happens right after it, the celebrity will either shoot to fame over the controversy or (especially if they weren’t a big-enough celebrity in the first place) sink into oblivion.

Here, we’ve made a small list of some of the celebrities that have been exposed for nudes and tapes that almost ruined them but didn’t.

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Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng has been the woman who has trended on these Twitter streets for three days now.
the socialite went viral after a video showing her changing her clothes was released by someone known as Black Cinderella that she apparently had a falling out with.
Her video was much less funny and more of said though because she said that she was only concerned about her son and nothing else throughout the ordeal (that she’s still going through)

DJ Creme de la Creme

The DJ probably has one of the most-watched s*x tapes in the history of the country.
The s*x tape was so moved around, people managed to get the identity of the girl in it and bully her into hiding.
The person who released said the tape was never caught, but it was rumored to have been a close friend of his. Tragic.
He was said to be so close to losing his fiancee and kids but they are still together, although she was bullied into hiding as well.

Zari Hassan

Zari’s nudes came out when she was clearly in a very sad and confusing part of her life.

She had just broken up with her now late husband Ivan Ssemwanga and was in the midst of finding herself and dating around.
Zari never commented on the videos (which were s*x tapes) but chose to get over it and boss up her life, something she has done with impressive success and resilience!


Avril was one of those celebrities that made it a point not to address any of the pictures that were going around of her in the nature that they were.
The pictures were actually of Avril and another girl!

She was n an extremely compromising position and it was no mistake that it was her face on the screens.
Granted, this was during her ‘bad girl’ day where she made the news for more controversial topics rather than positive ones.

She did lift herself from this after all of the flack she received and now she is killing the game, still v=veevr beautiful and working as hard as she possibly could.