List of Celebrities Who Have Tasted Vera Sidika’s Honey Jar

List of Celebrities Who Have Tasted Vera Sidika’s Honey Jar

Truth be told, socialite Vera Sidika is one celebrity who has pursued love in various ways. Despite her reputation as a socialite, Vera seems like a sweet hopeless romantic.

It is not a surprise that she has always been looking for love by trying relationships here and there. She has failed several times when it comes to relationships. But finally got her Mr. Right.

Judging from all the men she has ever dated, no doubt, Vera has a type! And taste. These men have something in common. Tall, either dark or light, and well built. Also, they know how to dress; most of them had beards.

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Brown Mauzo

Brown has to be number one on our list. He is the current flame. Brown and Vera are expecting a baby together. The two recently announced on their social media that they couldn’t wait to meet their tiny little human. Most of us didn’t see it coming.

We wish them all the best. Hopefully, things will turn out well for Vera this time.

Yommy Johnson

Before settling her current hubby, Brown Mauzo, Vera has been with several men. She has pulled up with hunks here and there. Sadly, most of these relationships did not even last. Some looked really cute! Yommy Johnson is a 33-year-old Nigerian man who was involved with Vera between 2016 and 2017.

Rumors emerged online that Yommy was a con man and his previous partners accused him of outrageous things. Probably that is why this relationship did dnot last.

Otile Brown

When Otile Brown and Vera went public with their relationship, we thought, yes, this is it! They served us with goals, left, right and center. They were the it couple. We all thought that this match was made in heaven, and we were sure as hell that they would last forever.

Vera appeared in Otile’s song, Baby Love. That was dedicated to her. However, after this song, things went south. This was the end of the road for these two. Vera once accused the singer of only using her for fame and money. The two later started fighting in public through social media.

Vera called out Otile Brown, saying he has small manhood that made Kenyans On Twitter, KOT, come up with some of the funniest memes ever.

Jimmy Chansa

After parting ways with Otile Brown, Vera flaunted JJimmy on her social media. At first, no one knew who he was until online detectives discovered that his name is Jimmy Chansa. In a radio interview with Wasafi, Vera revealed that Jimmy was the love of her life. We wonder what happened! The two dated for more than five months before calling it quits.