List of Celebrities Who Have Been Caught Cheating

List of Celebrities Who Have Been Caught Cheating

For many years, there have been several celebrity scandals, among them being cheating scandals. Some relationships have ended due to these allegations, while others have been stronger than ever- I mean, that’s what they are saying.
Kelebrity felt this is a good time to go over some of the cheating scandals in the celebrity world. Check out these celebrities accused of cheating, and some did not deny; they actually apologized to their spouses.

Dj Crème De La Crème

Crème De La Crème is a popular DJ who has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Some time back, a video of the DJ with a lady surfaced online. At that time, he was already dating. He received much backlash from fans who thought he should have done better- NOT cheating on his wife.

Dj Mo

We want to think that DJ MO’s cheating scandal is the worst. I mean, because of this, he lost his job! Most men cheat and get away with it. As for DJ MO, he lost a lot. Photos of texts between DJ MO and his side chick surfaced online, and the DJ received a lot of backlash from his fans. His wife, Size 8, forgave him, and the two are still together. Size 8 and DJMO have two kids. Muraya Junior and Ladasha Wambo.

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Jalango tied the knot with his boo in a secret wedding. Blogger Edgar Obare is always fixing the nation. Edgar, through the help of his ‘students’ came up with receipts of Jalango being a member of a certain boys club WhatsApp group. The group members were discussing who is going to sleep with who and discuss how it was once ‘the job’ was done. If you an ardent follower of Edgar Obare, we don’t need to say much.


For the longest time, Mugithi singer Samidoh had been accused of cheating on his wife, Karen Nyamu. Later on, the singer apologized to his wife Edday and asked for a second chance.

He wrote:

I am sorry!!!
I have put my family and myself in a bad situation. It is true I had a friendship with ms. Karen Nyamu and its involvement led to the birth of an innocent child whom i have and will always support emotionally and materially. I am a proud father to my children

Terrence Creative

Comedian and content creator Terrence Creative was caught in a cheating scandal with Anitah Sonia. He admitted and asked for forgiveness from his wife and followers.