List of celebrities we will always forgive

List of celebrities we will always forgive

Celebrities are humans just like us. They make mistakes, they do things wrong sometimes, and they get emotional outbursts too!

However, even then, you must admit that as people who are largely known, they have a certain monopoly over the populous that absolutely requires them to be on their best behaviour always because well, they influence a lot of people and really, its called social responsibility a reason. Some, however, get sway with it, over and over again.

Here, we’ve made a small list of some of the celebrities that have seriously wrong the public (and other celebrities) but keep getting away with it.

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Elodie has come to be known as one of the most controversial and dramatic celebrities around due to her severe emotional outbursts.

Not only has her Ex called her incredibly toxic, she recently went viral for claiming that her current boyfriend Nviiri was a physically violent man that abused her, only to get back together with him just a few days later.

Even so, she has still somehow managed to get in the Public’s good books again many people blaming her mental health issues instead.

Terrence Creative

Terrence Creative was in extremely hot soup last ear when Edgar Obare famed gossip blogger revealed that he was cheating on his wife and she was even in the process of threatening and telling the other woman to back off.

Even so, however, the two have somehow managed to get back into the extremely lovable couple personas that the public would rather see as if the scandal did not even happen at all.



Omosh has been trending for a hot minute now with Kenyans calling him names for allegedly squandering all of the money that he was gifted by his fans that wanted to see him out of the bushes, wallowing in poverty.

Even so, however, some people have still come through for him, with B Classic donating even more things to him, saying that even Omosh deserved a second chance.

Kabi Wajesus

Kabi Wajesus quite possibly had the hottest and the most scandalous story of the year this time after t was revealed that he had impregnated his own cousin.

He was the one that even revealed the whole story after denying all of the allegations.

However, even though people thought he was done in entertainment for life, he begged for forgiveness in Kenya, and e got it! He even got more followers than he did before.