KOT take no prisoners as Capital FM’s Miss Mandi is exposed as being toxic

KOT take no prisoners as Capital FM’s Miss Mandi is exposed as being toxic

Mandi Sarro, popularly known as Miss Mandi has been trending on Twitter for the better part of the evening as she was exposed by her former colleague at Capital FM for being a toxic workmate.

The evening started off normal with Mandi sharing a tweet with her followers. The tweet noted that she dislikes people who hurt people but don’t take accountability for their actions.

A mature tweet you would think, however, one tweep and a former colleague, Koome Gitobu (who was also a radio presenter at Capital FM) was triggered by the tweet. He quoted the tweet and pointed out that Miss Mandi was being hypocritical with her assessment as she was exactly like that to him when they were working together.

He began to recount how his experience working with Miss Mandi was. He noted that she would bully him in various ways, including; making up names for him, making fun of him, and even making fun of his clothes when he couldn’t afford expensive ones.

He went on to further note that even though they stopped working together, they still work in the same industry and have crossed paths a number of times and she has never owned up to what she did, adding that he did not understand what accountability she was talking about.

Koome’s expose of his former colleague led to other well-known figures coming out of the woodworks with tales of how the former radio presenter also mistreated them. Marini Naturals CEO, Michelle Ntalami, noted took to Koome’s comment section to empathize with him by sharing her own experiences with Miss Mandi.

Michelle noted that Miss Mandi was mean to her, at a birthday celebration they were both attending, because she was yet to become a “somebody”. She noted that the day would come when Miss Mandi would have to face consequences for her actions.

Another case of Miss Mandi allegedly being mean came up, this time it involved popular comedian Eddie Butita. A Twitter user shared this story with Koome noting that Miss Mandi had been exposed earlier on for attempting to belittle, a then-upcoming Eddie Butita, as he was trying to pursue his career in comedy by looking for a radio gig with her.

Koome responded by insinuating that belittling people was Miss Mandi’s modus operandi. He noted that she would always look down on him because her accent was better than his. Miss Madi is yet to respond to the allegations. Keep it locked on Kelebrity as we keep you up to date on the story as it unravels.