KOT calls out Kamene Goro for careless post on mental health

KOT calls out Kamene Goro for careless post on mental health

Kiss 100 radio presenter Kamene Goro is in hot soup after making fun about a very sensitive topic.

Considering there is already too much stigma towards people who are undergoing mental health challenges it was clearly not the best thing for her to write. People are not taking it well and so Kamene has since gone ahead to delete the said post.

In the already deleted Instagram post that read: “mental health na hamna akili” the presenter is now a trending topic on Twitter with a section of KOT roasting her for her post.

Others are also angry at the fact that Shaffie Weru and Dj Joe Mfalme we laid off their jobs for making careless comments on a sensitive topic but Kamene Goro still has her job.

“Shaffie spoke ill of rotten women, but Kamene Goro still got her job after damning us all.” wrote one online user.

Another popular online user called out Kamene and other Kenyan comedians who have used stammering to stop as it is not “funny at all”

Bravin Yuri wrote; “Posts like the one Kamene Goro made accompanied by the Jokes made by Comedians about stammering are distasteful. They do more damage than good. When you are a public figure, you should be able to condemn mental health Stigma not support it. Do better.”

Should Kamene Goro issue an apology?


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