Kingpheezle Accuses Breeder of Denying Him Production Credits

Kingpheezle Accuses Breeder of Denying Him Production Credits

Fast-rising Kenyan artist and producer Kingpheezle has accused Breeder Lw of denying him production credits on his latest album dubbed ‘Bazenga Mentaility. Speaking during an interview with Kipawa podcast, Kingpheezle alleged that he was the brains behind the sixth track in the album dubbed ‘Down For Real’ which features Young Killer from Tanzania.

“It was my project, tukaifanya vizuri, we came to an agreement, akaniambia ataiweka kwa album. It was supposed to come out as a single, akaniambia, ita come out on an album, nikamwambia freshi,” he stated.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the lack of his accreditation by Breeder, Kingpheezle noted that he was shocked that despite working on the song from the start to the end, he was not given any credits at all.

“So on that kitu imenishtua nikuona tracklist, mi niliona tracklist like three days ago IG, tracklist imetokea, pale hakuna feature kwa track, na hakuna hata credits kama eti producer nimeshughulikia kufanya album. Of which si kama nilifanya eti ile kurecord tu, unajua kuna ile umesaidia msee kurecord verse, definitely credits hutapata vile. But this is the person, Kingpheezle is the person that brought in the collaboration, amefanikisha, akashughulikia hiyo collabo hadi ikaisha, hadi ikakuwa a finished product, So hiyo ndo na feel like I deserved the credits,” he expounded.

Explaining how the collaboration came to be, Kingpheezle stated that he had originally done the track and requested his good friend Young Killer from Tanzania to collaborate with him. Later he was faced with the task of finding the right rapper in Kenya who could rhyme with Young Killer.

Kingpheezle alleged that prior to contacting Breeder, he had contacted several artists who turned down the offer, adding that Breeder could not believe that he had the connections to Young Killer despite having less social media following.

“I reached out to some guys, wengine wakaturn down the offer but Breeder akaichukua hata yeye hakuwa anaamini. Kuna Msee anaku undermine anaona Kingpheezle level yako huko, Young Killer, mi mwenyewe si mreach. Lakini anasahau connections haziendi na numbers, unaweza kuwa labda ukona numbers mingi and all that lakini you have less connections than me,” he added.

By press time, Breeder was yet to respond to the claims.