Khalid Gives Whole New Meaning to Space Jam

Khalid Gives Whole New Meaning to Space Jam

Grammy-nominated singer premiered a new single during space launch by Virgin Galactic

On Sunday, July 11th, Khalid debuted his new single “New Normal” at the New Mexico launch site where billionaire Richard Branson and five others boarded Unity 22 Virgin Galactic, taking a brief trip to space and back.

A big shout-out goes to his project management team and here’s why. Marketing in the music industry, in my opinion, has undoubtedly shifted tremendously. Gone are the days when a traditional press run did the trick. Innovation in rolling out new singles, albums, partnerships, i.e. are critical. There is so much traffic jam, especially in the digital marketing space that artists, labels, distro companies, etc are all conjuring up radically unique rollouts to break through the noise.

Not to mention this subtle full circle not talked about tie-in: Sir Branson’s humble beginnings are rooted in the music industry. So of course it would make sense that those on board the Virgin Galactic would be listening to music. Also, instead of paying for and clearing licensure for a few random songs to use during the livestream, why not make a moment within a moment by premiering one new song by arguably one of the fastest rising current pop stars?

Regardless of whether billionaire Branson’s trip was all that it was cracked up to be or not, there is value for Khalid’s camp to be part of this narrative – one that is a pivotal moment in history regardless of whether you are into space tourism or not. As of today, the Youtube view count of the spaceship’s launch sits at 7,708,464. Essentially, Khalid had an instant audience of 7 million people, give or take.

As streaming continues to revolutionize media, I personally believe that how the music industry adapts to becoming a part of streams will continue to transform as well. As I have previously mentioned in my musings, the relationships and collaboration between brands and artists will dominate the future of music marketing.

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