Kenyans On Twitter React To Sauti Sol’s Concert Ticket Prices

Kenyans On Twitter React To Sauti Sol’s Concert Ticket Prices

Kenyans on Twitter had a lot to say when their favorite boy band Sauti Sol released the ticket prices for their upcoming concert.

Dubbed Sol Fest, the concert is to be held on Jamhuri day 12th December, 2021 at the Carnivore Grounds.

Sauti Sol announced the concert details to the excitement of many fans in the country, however, when they posted the early bird ticket prices, things started to get crazy.

Kenyans on Twitter are divided over the Kshs 2500 early bird tickets to the show. While some showed their undying support for the award winning foursome, a majority of tweeps complained that the amount was too expensive in their hilarious tweets.

According to a post on Sauti Sol’s social media, the complaints are not the situation on the ground as 10,000 fans crashed their ticketing website while trying to buy the tickets in five minutes.

Since the news of the concert broke, there has been a debate of which event fans wanted to attend as there is another event going down the same night headlined by UK group NSG.

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Sauti Sol canceled their concert citing their wishes to abide by the COVID-19 restrictions.

Sauti Sol made up of Bien Aime Baraza, Savara, Chimano and Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers, are currently pursuing solo projects. Bien is leading the pack with his hit tracks ‘Bald Men Love Better’ and ‘Mbwe Mbwe’.

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