Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Atheists

Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Atheists

Some celebrities believe in God, even the ones who sing secular music. I mean, most people believe there is a supreme being up there. However, some believe in nothing at all. They have chosen nothing. Celebrities like Bonface Mwangi have decided to test their faith on different things.

The entertainment industry and religion have always been a common topic amongst different people. The relationship between the two is really tricky—we stan several celebrities. International celebrities especially. We worship them. Probably that is why some of them felt like that is the only worship they needed. Here are four celebrities who are atheists.

Boniface Mwangi

Boniface Mwangi is a journalist and an outspoken activist. He is never shy to speak his mind. He is very open-minded, especially to matters concerning religion. Due to this, Kenyans have o many times question what he truly believes in. One famous quote he is famous for is when he said:

“Atheists are far much better than those people who pretend to believe in God/Allah to rip us off.”

Binyavanga Wainaina

The late Binyavanga Wainaina was a Kenyan gay activist and one of the celebrated authors we have ever had. Binyavanga made headlines when he publicly announced that he is gay. However, he became more popular when he said that he denied the existence of God and religion.


Henry Ohanga, AKA Octopizzo, is a famous rapper who recently denied the existence of God. The rapper said he has never believed in the theory of Christianity. He said this after the controversial meet-up between artists led by Khaligraph Jones to the Deputy President’s home. Octo was disgusted by the move so much that he tweeted the following:


Willy Mutunga

Judicial matters aside. The former Chief Justice is a really interesting man. He once said that he has an earring to improve communication with ancestral spirits.

Harrison Mumia

Harrison Mumia is the president of Atheists in Kenya. He once went on a rant on Twitter claiming that religious beliefs had cost him many job opportunities. He talked about an example where he had gone for an interview at Kenya Airways, and because of his religious beliefs, he was knocked out. However, Harrison claimed that he did better than most of the candidates interviewed for the same position.