Jalang’o shows off the inside of his new multi-million van

Jalang’o shows off the inside of his new multi-million van

Comedian Felix Odiwour aias Jalang’o is one of the richest celebrities in Kenya thanks to his well-paying radio job as several deals.

A few days ago, Jalang’o revealed that he is paid 30 to 40 times a year from his various hassles as well as his commercial deals in a year.

These huge payments have enabled the Kiss FM show host to live a luxurious life. He has bought a huge house for himself and his mother. On top of that, he has bought some luxurious vehicles including a convertible Mercedes Benz.

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Other than the convertible, Jalang’o recently unveiled a new van worth millions. He bought a new Mercedes V Class which according to Car Guide ranges between Ksh.9 million to Ksh.12 million.

According to Jalang’o, he ordered the vehicle about thirteen weeks ago from a Kenyan motor vehicle dealer.

“Guys, I ordered this monster last month @carportalkenya I am told it’s here… I can’t wait to share with you the images! This is Merc V-class…for the Family and all those road trips…@carportalkenya just called me that my V is here!! 28 days straight!!!” Jalang’o said.

The van comes with a stylish design accompanied with high-quality recessed switched and inputs integrated into one extensive wave shape, according to the Mercedes-Benz website.

“High-quality materials, smooth transitions, and chrome applications make the V-Class a comfort zone on every journey. The rear compartment continues this sensual character. First-class materials and leathers add a haptic element to the incomparable atmosphere,” Mercedes described the van.

The van also comes with amazing interior features including expressive ambient lighting.

Jalang’o’s van comes with seats that can be arranged to face each other or made to face driving direction. The seats in the vehicle’s rear compartment can also be completely be removed if he wishes to create more space for his goods.

While driving, the van provides Jalang’o and his front passenger with an organic sitting posture and enhances the condition while on the road.

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“The seats in the cockpit can be rotated toward the doors to enable easy entry and exit and can also be rotated 180° to face the rear passengers,” the cars’ website said.

Jalang’o posted the luxurious van on his Instagram stories. Jalang’o was in the company of fellow comedian, Oga Obinna admiring the beauty of his van.

In the video, Jalang’o who was driving is heard laughing at Obinna who looked surprised to enjoy the beauty of the van.

“Ona huyu hajawahikaa kwa V-Class,” Jalang’o is heard telling Obinna.

Jalang’o unveiled the van days after he announced that his Mercedes Benz SLK200 convertible which was previously under repair is now available for the upcoming World Rally Championship that will take place in Naivasha.

Getting ready for Safari Rally. Naivasha you won’t be able to handle me,” Jalang’o said on his Instagram page.

According to Jalang’o, it is his wife Amina Chao who bought for him the Ksh.5 million two-seater-convertible for his 2019 birthday.

Since being bought the stylish car has received its fair share of harsh experiences on the road.

Last year (2020) Jalang’o revealed that the car was vandalized by boda boda operators after his brother got involved in an accident with it.

Other than the two Mercedes, Jalang’o also owns other high-end vehicles including a Land Rover Discovery and a BMW X6.