Is it over for Corazon Kwamboka  & Frankie?

Is it over for Corazon Kwamboka & Frankie?

Okay, where do I even start with this article? Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon have broken up? No way. I am sure just like me, you don’t want to believe it.

So Corazon shared a rather ‘disturbing’ quote on social media that made her followers wonder if all is well between the two. One, they have unfollowed each other on Instagram but don’t worry, their photos together are still there.

Others are claiming that these two are chasing clout using their relationship since they have been ‘irrelevant’ lately. Honestly, the whole thing is really weird. One, this to just got engaged the other day.

Frankie took Corazon on a trip where he popped the question and of course Corazon had to say yes. Which lady is going to say to Frankie? Errr, not me trying to thirst over baba Kiarie in public. Haha. Anyways as if the engagement wasn’t enough, the two dropped the bombshell, that they are expecting baby number two! Would you believe that? after Taiyari turned a year older boom!

There goes another one. Heh, these two are so in love they can’t keep their hands off each other. But that is okay. We love to see it, we love love and especially when it is involving the celebrities that we love.

Recently, Corazon and Frankie took a trip to Kisumu. Kwanza by the way, hawa huwa wanatoa pesa wapi? Aki these celebrities are always traveling, and here I am, I have to save the entire year before I can take a trip to the coast in December. But haina shida, iku moja nitaomoka and sita need kusave for a year anyway, back to Corazon and her boo, Frankie.

What could have gone wrong here? Why is this all of a sudden? They seemed so happy together and all of a sudden they are now throwing break-up quotes here and there?

Everyone was so invested in this relationship. Including Andy Kibe. This guy recently threw shade at Corazon and Frankie saying that they are going too fast. He talked about how the two got a baby when their relationship was new but here I am thinking, isn’t it a free world? Aren’t we supposed to do and date whoever and at whatever time?

What do you think about these two? Have they really broken up or are they just clout chasing? Let me know in the comment section. Honestly, I am such a huge fan of these two and I don’t want to see them break up. Frankie and Maureen Waititu’s break up was the messiest of them all. Hopefully, this one will be done in a civilized manner, not wishing them bad though.

Hopefully, they get to sort out their issues so that everyone is happy.


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