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Villagers in Chekulo, Bungoma County were left speechless after discover a woman was attempting to bury her grandson while still a live in a maize plantation.

It’s alleged that the woman conspired with her daughter to kill the child after it was discovered that the child father was her cousin. The 15-year-old school going girl is said to have commit incest with her first cousin who was only identified as Morris.

its believed the woman’s intentions was to cover up the the family’s face and to avoid possible repercussions from the community since incest is considered a taboo in Bukusu culture.


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The villagers said they discover the bizarre and barbaric act after they were told the 5-day old son was taken to the hospital and died. when they demanded to see the body of the infant from the mother, but nothing was coming fourth.

its then that they got a tip that the infant grandma was in the process of burying the infant in a maize plantation.

They rushed and the good news is, the child was saved before suffocating and he survived.

The daughter’s father admitted the act was against their tradition but what his wife was doing was barbaric. ‘’ why kill a child? Nobody knows what the two (cousins) agreed on.

Let the community sit down and decide what to do with the child. All I want is my daughter to join secondary school’’ said the daughter’s father.

Below is the photo taken at the burial scene by our reporter:

Incest: Cousins 5 day old baby buried alive by the girl’s mother


‘’the act is against the Bukusu culture. Long time such child would be killed. But such has been overtaken by event. Let the child and the parents be cleansed and move on’’ said a villager.

Another villager woman said ”i am volunteering to raise the innocent soul”.

The area assistant chief, Mrs carol Lwiki was later informed of the incident who swiftly take action of ensuring the infant is well taken care of.

She said they will sit and agree on how the infant will be raised up void in a peaceful way.

The infant’s grandparents are said to have separated sometimes back. And the girl’s mother was staying at her paternal home.


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