“I’m extremely enjoying my 3rd marriage,” – Shilole

“I’m extremely enjoying my 3rd marriage,” – Shilole

Bongo actress Zena Yusuf Mohammed, alias Shilole is over the moon barely a year after she re-married. The singer, who also doubles up as an entrepreneur, recently in an interview disclosed that she is lucky to get married for the second time barely a year after she divorced her first husband.

Speaking to Global Publishers, the actress revealed that she is extremely enjoying her marriage and further admitted that she is not ashamed of her decisions.

“Maisha ya ndoa ni mazuri sana, nisiwe muongo nae-njoy kupita kiasi. (Married life is good. Let me not lie, I am extremely enjoying myself.)” she said.

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Commenting about her critics who have criticized her time and again, Shishi, as she is popularly known, challenged them to experience marriage first before they throw stones at her.

“Mimi huwa nasema kila siku kwamba kama kuolewaolewa ni rahisi kama wanavyosema, basi na wao wafanye hivyo halafu tuone, jamani kuolewa ni bahati na mimi tayari nina hiyo bahati, waniache. (I always say that if getting married is as easy as they say, then let them do it and then let’s see, getting married is lucky and I already have that luck)” she added.

Opening up about their marriage, Shishi revealed that she is very protective of her husband. But, according to her, it does not go down well with her every time his name is dragged on social media for no apparent reason. She added that she’s ready to fight anyone who comes up against her husband.

“Kitu ambacho sipendi kuona mume wangu anafanyiwa ni kuonewa, au kutukanwa bila sababu, jamani hapo tutaonana wabaya, kwanza kwanini umtukane mume wangu? Sipendi hayo mambo mimi na nipo tayari kupambana na yoyote yule atakayemvunjia heshima mwanaume wangu. (The only thing I don’t like to see my husband do is be bullied or insulted for no reason. I don’t like these things, and I am ready to fight anyone who will disrespect my husband.” She said.

While at it, the actress also clarified that she is not expecting anytime soon and dismissed the rumor claiming that she is a married lady and anything can happen.

“Jamani watu hawaishi maneno huko mitandaoni, mimi sina mimba lakini hata kama nitakuwa nayo kweli kuna shida gani? Mimi ni mke wa mtu hivyo lolote linaweza kutokea. (I’m not pregnant, but even if I really was, what’s wrong with that? I am someone’s wife, so anything can happen.) she added.

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