“I will sell my kidney to fund Jalang’o’s political campaign,” Comedian 2mbili

“I will sell my kidney to fund Jalang’o’s political campaign,” Comedian 2mbili

Comedian 2mbili has revealed plans to sell his kidney to fund fellow comedian Jalang’o’s political campaign for the Langata parliamentary seat in the 2022 General Elections.

Speaking to PlugTV, the self-proclaimed prince of comedy disclosed that plans were underway to sell his kidney and he was waiting on the buyer to send him money for the surgery.

“I want to auction my kidney to fund Jalang’o’s campaign. It is true, we already got a buyer. We are just waiting for them to send the deposit. So much money is needed to fund the surgery. The kidneys have already been tested, they are fine and very clean with no alcohol or bhang,” he said.

According to 2mbili, Jalang’o has been like a parent to him, assisting him financially and in his career growth and for this reason, would not think twice to do what he needs to do to pay back his kindness.

“Jalang’o and I come from way back. Jalang’o was the first celebrity to give me a project on TV. I used to work with him on Jalang’o with the money…Me being his son, there was a time I was invited to perform in Rwanda and the client payed for me bus fare. But Jalang’o felt I couldn’t go by bus and he bought me an air ticket …and many other things that he has done for me personally as a comedian, even paying my rent.

“There was a time I was down and he supported me. So there are so many things he has done for me as a parent. Holding my hand and encouraging me, everything a parent can do for their child. That is why I’m advocating that people register as voters,” he added.

He went on to state that he will use the payment received from selling his kidney to boost the radio presenter’s budget for campaigns.

“I saw somewhere he mentioned he would use close to Ksh50 million to do his campaign and I want us to do a campaign of even Sh200million because we don’t want to go campaign with t-shirts or give out t-shirts,” he said

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