I Have Records That Show Gachagua Worked In Molo – Kibicho

I Have Records That Show Gachagua Worked In Molo – Kibicho

Interior Principal Secretary Dr Karanja Kibicho has accused Kenya Kwanza deputy Presidential candidate Rigathi Gachagua of leading a life of lies by denying that he once worked as a D.O in Molo, Nakuru County.

Kibicho said that the Mathira MP was once stationed in Molo during late President Daniel Moi’s era and has mastered the art of lies. 

“It is on record that Gachagua worked in Molo; I am the PS interior, and you hear him in public saying, I didn’t work there,  I don’t know how you can forget your workplaces so fast,” Kibicho said in an interview with KTN News on Wednesday night.

The PS further claimed that there are documents at the Ministry of Interior to prove that Gachagua served as a District Officer, but was later dismissed after failing to report to a new work station after a job transfer.

“I have seen the pathological lies that he has continued to tell everybody including about himself and I think he needs a doctor because the way I have seen the lies coming, it is not from a normal person,” 

He added: “Some of these things we preserve because we think people are decent; Gachagua was actually dismissed, sacked from the Ministry of Interior for abstention when he was posted in North Eastern.”

Dr Kibicho went on to defend his revelations, saying he is not trying to mud-sling Deputy President William Ruto’s running mate but he is fed up with his public deception.

He asked Gachagua to stop denying something that is in the public domain and stop lying to the public that he stepped down in his service as a district officer.

“If you can deny where you worked, what would we call you? You are not working in a forest, you are working in a place where there are people who are alive, who knows you,” Kibicho remarked.

“When you become a pathological liar we say things about you that are factual. It is a fact that Gachagua was sacked, he never resigned from the ministry…tell him to show you a resignation letter. I am the holder of the file….he is the one who keeps saying he worked for the interior.”

On why he thinks Gachagua is dismissing his posting in Molo, Kibicho opined that the legislator does not want his image tainted because of the misfortunes during his time in power.

“He is denying it because of the atrocities that happened at that time. He does not want to be responsible for them,” he said.