I Didn’t Have Darassa’s Number, I Secured ‘Usiku Mmoja’ Collabo Through DM – Jovial

I Didn’t Have Darassa’s Number, I Secured ‘Usiku Mmoja’ Collabo Through DM – Jovial

Talented Kenyan artist Jovial has opened up on the creation of her ‘Usiku Mmoja’ hit with Darassa, noting that she did not have the latter’s number prior to them working together.

According to Jovial, she got through to him via an Instagram DM. Speaking during an interview with Rick Media, Jovial explained that she had written the song with Darassa in mind, and later reached out to him through DM hoping that he would get back.

“Mi mwanzo acha nishukuru Mungu kwanza kwa sababu kuna vitu vingine vinatokea sio kwa mapenzi yake. Sina number yake kwa mda huo tuseme, so nilimDM tu. Mi nimDM tu. Nilikuwa nisharecord and when I was recording nilikuwa nimemuona Darassa, and that’s why ukiskia hiyo ngoma ina utofauti fulani, it’s a banger alafu ina unyama fulani, naweza kusema,” she said.

Expounding on the message she sent Darassa, Jovial explained that she sent him the DM requesting him to listen to the song and jump on it if he liked it. Luckily for her, Darassa fell in love with the track right away and recorded his part in just a day.

“So nilimDM nikamwambia ‘I have a project, its unfinished nimeifanya, nimeacha kipande chako, I will send it to you. I have always been a fan’ nimekuwa fan wake tangu maisha na mziki. Nikamwambia ‘I have always been a fan, I will send you the track, if you like it, you can jump on it, kama hautoipenda then I’ll try next time’. Alirekodi hiyo hiyo jioni, nilimtumia nyimbo asubuhi by jioni alikuwa ashaeka verse,” she added.

Meanwhile, ‘Usiku Mmoja’ is currently doing very well on YouTube and has already managed to gain over half a million views. ‘Usiku Mmoja’ is an upbeat love song in which Jovial and Darassa sing about having one special night without being in a real relationship.