Hit Single “Min Anyango” By Comedian Flaqo’s Protege Now Has a Video – Watch

Hit Single “Min Anyango” By Comedian Flaqo’s Protege Now Has a Video – Watch

Comedian and content creator Flaqo Raz has had his Instagram stories flooded with this new music video from a new artist, Jon Larry whose sound is very unique and brilliant.

Written, co-produced and performed by Jon Larry, ‘Min Anyango’ is a high definition, classic, & buzz worthy song.

The release of “Min Anyango” follows the hype it got from Flaqo who started talking about it even before its releases and this has seen the song have a huge success on YouTube and also bringing to light some of his previous hits “Shuga”, “Jiario” and ‘Maiye’ which are now gaining a massive traction on YouTube.

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The song has a special African touch donned by AfroBeats and lite funk elements with wavy R&B and pop soundscapes.

The storyline and performance in the video directed by Ivan Odie is complimented by eccentric visuals that are symbolic of emotional struggles and violence involved in a co-dependent relationships. It further displays the gut for love coupled with intriguing martial arts by Jon Larry.

Larry rebranded from his original identity ‘Lax’ to Jon Larry

Jon Larry displays a myriad of talents within a 3:22 minutes video. Stripping away music’s artice while keeping real to its vertigo and excitement is Jon Larry’s special gift.

Jon Larry’s career officially began in 2016 after high school when he joined 411 society music group. The band is popular for their hit songs ‘Maiye,’ and ‘Jiario’ and has won several awards in Kisumu. Jon Larry gained experience from media tours and performances with 411 society. He has performed in several events and award ceremonies.

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In 2019, Jon Larry rebranded from his original identity ‘Lax’ to Jon Larry. This transition came just at the time when he had discovered his sound, which has an Afro Pop/Funk touch. Jon Larry is a jack of all trades; besides his melodious tweaks and skills in playing instruments, Larry is a dancer and a music producer. He produced the instrumental to ‘Shuga’ and ‘Min Anyango’. Jon Larry is creating a new generational wave that will inspire upcoming artists and transform the industry.

Stream  “Min Anyango” by Jon Larry below: