Here is why Nadia Mukami is headed to court

Here is why Nadia Mukami is headed to court

Popular singer, Nadia Mukami, is set to head to court very soon as she feels hard done by one of her biggest career moves being questioned due to what she claims to be false allegations.

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Nadia took to her Instagram stories to announce that she is set to use all of her money to fight for a cause which she believes is affecting the entire music industry, and not just her as a solo artist.

The self-proclaimed, African pop star, was furious at what she referred to as a “malicious copyright strike” against her hit song Tesa, featuring Fena Gitu and Khaligraph.

The star’s popular song was taken down from YouTube and she is understandably furious about it. She went on to point out that the strike was baseless as the song that was claiming it was released a year after her’s.

Nadia went on to insinuate that the people who had taken these actions against her were sent by someone, and went on to advise them to lawyer up as she was coming for them.

Nadia claimed that once she is done with the perpetrators, no one would ever send fake strikes against Kenyan musicians again. One artist who also seems to be bothered by copyright strikes is Nadia’s recent collaborator Mejja; the two collaborated on the recently released single Legeza.

When it comes to Mejja, one of his hit songs “Tabia za wakenya” was put in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons with allegations that Mejja had stolen the song from an uprising artist, earning him a copyright strike from YouTube. Little did we know that this was not going to be the last time his music was put under public scrutiny.

Just recently, Mejja took to his Instagram to announce that his new song, “Ngoma Ya Friday” had been pulled down from YouTube for reasons unknown to him.

He expressed his frustration stating that no one should ever benefit from someone else’s sweat and hard work, adding that the occurrence is simply going to make him continue to create more music for his audience.


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