Here is Why Huddah Prefers Gay Men

Here is Why Huddah Prefers Gay Men

Kenya’s top socialite and entrepreneur, Huddah the boss chick has made a complete U-turn regarding the kind of men she prefers.

If you are shocked, well we’re just as shocked as you are – if not more. I mean, didn’t she just propose to her boyfriend just the other day? Well, from our experience with celebrities, they can say one thing today and do something completely different the next day.

In her latest Instagram post, Huddah has come out to say that she prefers gay men over straight ones. But before you jump the gun, the socialite, turned entrepreneur made it clear that gay men, in her opinion, are easier to work with than their counterparts.

Huddah went on a rant saying how hard it is to be a businesswoman in a man’s world. According to her past experiences, working with straight men is hard because all they see is “pussy on her face.”

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The socialite narrated how she did a presentation in a room filled with just men and according to her, none of them understood a thing she said because they were all fantasizing about her body.

Thankfully, we have gay guys. They are creative ad no BS and they want no vagina,” she wrote.

Huddah then went on to say that even through the hardships she wants to be an inspiration to young girls looking for role models.

Although she came from a humble background, Huddah has worked her way up the ladder with zero excuses. She was a video vixen and model for a short time before she gained popularity when nude photos of her were leaked online. Thanks to her natural beauty, she was able to land a deal with Calif Records where she was a video vixen in several music videos.

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After this, Huddah instantly became famous for her slim thick figure and tiny waist.

Huddah also made a name for herself when she participated in the Big Brother Africa (BBA) 8 Show in South Africa. She became popular not only in Africa but the world beyond even though she did not win the contest.

Huddah is also known to be an aggressive entrepreneur and today, she owns one of the biggest cosmetics lines in Kenya, Huddah cosmetics. She currently lives in Dubai – allegedly with her man although the identity of the man is yet to be known.

The self-proclaimed boss lady is definitely the perfect representation of beauty and brains!