Here is Why Hamisa Mobetto Was Dumped Days To Secret Wedding

Here is Why Hamisa Mobetto Was Dumped Days To Secret Wedding

Hamisa Mobetto’s boyfriend, Fred Vunjabei, has called off his planned wedding with the model.

The revelation was made by Vunjabei’s brother who spoke to a Tanzanian media on Thursday.

According to the brother, Vunjabei canceled the wedding that was supposed to happen in months after Hamisa Mobetto reportedly aborted his child.

He said the businessman and his family were not happy with Hamisa’s decision to abort the pregnancy after he had agreed to cater to her’s and the child’s needs.

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Ndoa, hamna. Aliyesababisha ndoa isewepo ni huyo huyo anayeongelea juu yake (Hamisa)… Alikuwa aolewe yeye kama shemeji lakini akacheza makida makida mpaka wengine wetu tukashindwa kuitwa mauncle halafu ndoa hamna tena,” Vunjabei’s brother said.

He further noted that the wedding plans had gonna towards the conclusion but Hamisa destroyed everything after aborting the pregnancy.

Vunjabei’s brother noted that if it could have not been for Hamisa’s pregnancy, he could have been called an uncle before this year ended.

Tanzanian Model & Singer Hamisa Mobetto

He said that it was after Hamisa got pregnant that his brother decided to settle down with her.

The allegations by Vunjabei’s brother confirm rumors that the two have been dating. The rumors began sometime last year when the video vixen posted a photo of a man’s hand wearing a wristwatch which online detectives linked with Vunjabei.

During the time of the alleged dating, there were also rumors at it was Vunjabei that helped Mobetto start his children’s clothing line, Mobettokids.

The brother confirmed the rumors that it is indeed the Tanzanian businessman who opened for Hamisa the shop.

Other aborting his baby, Vunjabei is said to have also opted to end the relationship with the mother of two because of her behaviors on social media.

Vunjabei is said to have not been pleased with Hamisa’s behavior on social media where she constantly behaved as a single lady and never wanted to associate herself with him. According to him, it is Hamisa who never wanted to make their relationship public.

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The sentiments by Vunjabei’s brother come a week after claims about dating the mogul. According to Hamisa, Vunjabei is just a close associate of hers and she has never had a romantic relationship with him.

“Sijawahi kuwa katika mahusiano na Freddie, I have said this several times. Ni mskizaji sina ukaribu naye sana, sijui tu ni kwanini ilikuwaga hivyo labda ni kwasabau sinanga marafiki wengi wakike ambao wanaonekananga akitokea moja inakuanga hivo. So kama kuna mtu anafikiria sijui ni mimi (wakuolewa), ni hapana,” Hamisa said.

Tanzanian Model & Singer Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa further noted that she is currently in a relationship but not with Freddie.

“I am not in a relationship with that guy,” she said.

On the other end, Freddie has reportedly moved on Hamisa’s drama and is reportedly dating an “educated” woman with good morals. The brother said that he is even planning to make their relationship public soon before they get married.

Even as Freddie’s brother makes such allegations, Hamisa is yet to respond about them.