Here is Trio Mio’s video taking social media by storm

Here is Trio Mio’s video taking social media by storm

Ever since he entered the limelight with ‘Cheza Kama Wewe’, Trio Mio has been making hits after hits, sparking the debate as to whether he could fil the shoes belonging to former top superstar E-Sir, it sure looked like he had the gull, the audacity and the ambition for it!

Admittedly, he has not bidden so positively on everyone, some people think he has been the best thing since sliced bread for Kenyans when it comes to talent and lyrical mastery, while a whole other bunch of people believe that the rapper ought to stop trying to seek so much attention and get his behind to school and get his certificate, at the very least!

Well, for both of those people, we have a treat that they will definitely find amusing!

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Trio Mio went viral yesterday evening when a video was posted by one of his fans found its way to other Social Medias after resurfacing on TikTok.

The video was a simple homemade video that showed the not-yet-shining star rapping to Fester Skank by Lithal Bizzle with a swagger and confidence only somebody that was meant to make music has.

Kenyan rapper Trio Mio

The rapper who then, seemed to be only around 8-10 years old, is seen being taped by his mother in the living room with an adorably oversized jacket with his mom hyping him up like the star that he was meant to be, awkwardly mispronouncing some lyrics but making up for it in sass and oomph!

The video in itself was very emotion provoking owing to his ambition and drive to succeed but another important aspect to it was how highly his mum was hyping him up, doing it as if it were his own song she was hyping him for.

Trio Mio has been known to mention his mom every time he does an interview, revealing that she has been the driving force behind his will to succeed in the music industry.

According to sources, Trio Mio, real name Mario TJ (Thank Jesus) Kasela, had grown up with a humble lifestyle, being raised in Umoja with his three siblings ns they had had a rather difficult life there seeing as he was raised by a single mother who struggled with finances their whole life.

According to Trio, she has been the single most supportive person he could have ever had in his life because she was there for him through his entire life, even making it known that his mother was his staunch supporter in his music career even though he had begun relatively young in Kenyans at the tender age of 16 years old!

Trio has been on the radio and internet waves pretty much since he started his musical journey, only stopping (and for a short while at that) to attend school and deal with other issues being a breakout superstar teen must demand of him.

Either way, we here at Kelebrity can’t wait to hear what he has in store for other fans eagerly waiting for the next time he has something to offer!