Here is the husband of the year

Here is the husband of the year

Bonnie Musambi will make you dump your man!

We all know that guy. The guy that every girl wants -affectionate, loving, emotionally intelligent, keeps his cool, loves travelling with his woman, strategizes, showers her with gifts, can stop complimenting her, and for many Kenyan girls, he’s gotta be rich too!

He’s the dream man that everyone wants, but in reality, many never really get. Instead many ladies just end up in toxic relationships with men they shouldn’t have been associated with.

Some girls, however, get that exact kind of man that showers them with anything they ever want and they never lack for it (hint hint; have you ever seen how much Jamal does for Amber Ray?


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He recently just bought her a whole other house at the top of a luxury apartment complex just because Ambers neighbours were being too hateful!)

One such girl is Bonnie Musambi’s wife Betty Musambi!

Bonnie Musambi decided to go out of his way for his loving wife Betty and give all other husbands a run for their money, taking the championship lead for the husband of the year after what he did for his wife.

The KBC newscaster has been all over the interwebs for the amazing birthday that he did for his wife showcasing his love for her in all the ways a woman would have loved to be appreciated.

Bonnie did not just buy her a brand new Mercedes and set up a large birthday party for his wife and all of their friends and family members, he also gives her a million shilling to go and spoil herself silly with, without caring about anything else.

Her birthday started with Bonnie putting up a picture of her with the caution:

“bonniemusambikbcHappy birthday my darling wife and friend! I salute you because you are such a wonderful soul.
It’s actually a huge privilege for me to own you Betty. May God keep you safe for me.

The party was one exclusively for their close friends but it did not miss a number of industry notables. Bonnie had even hired the services of Sanaipei Tande who is one of Betty’s favourite musicians to sing her favourites songs and the entire party erupted in dance just as Betty also did.

Kenyans were very amused at this display of our love and affection, with many of them in the comment sections saying that the two have given them a whole new meaning to love and couple goals while some ladies wondered a lot where their Bonnie was! Other men did not hesitate to tell him that he was now setting a standard that was impossible.

It is obvious the devotional the two have for each other is strong because going to his page you’ll find his wife plastered all over it. He also puts in the cutes captions to her pictures. The two have also clearly put God and their family first ahead of everybody and it was very plain to see.

The first time a man went above and beyond for his wife on the same day was when Simon Ksabu went in for Sarah Kabu and bought her a brand new range rover for her birthday.