Here is a list of the most toxic celebrity relationships

Here is a list of the most toxic celebrity relationships

Turns out, bad romances aren’t just a thing for normal people – celebrities also experience them. From openly cheating, to being physically and emotionally abusive, these celebrity couples have gone through it all.
Here is a list of some of the most toxic celebrity relationships Kenya has ever seen:

Elodie and Nviiri

If toxic was a couple, we think it would be Elodie and Nviiri. And no – we’re not trying to be funny guys. These two have displayed some of the most toxic aspects of their relationships online without filtering anything.

From Elodie accusing Nviiri of physical and emotional abuse to Nviiri saying Elodie is bipolar, these two have taken toxic to another level.

DNG and Fionah

Back in 2020, DNG, a TV host and MC and Fionah were the topic of discussion when DNG was exposed of being a cheater. Following the expose on Edgar Obare’s channel, Fionah, who is a model and video vixen came out publicly accusing DNG of physically and mentally abusing her.

The two later broke up but have recently got back together and are expecting a baby! If that’s not toxic, then we don’t know what it is.

Dj Mo and Size 8

This celebrity couple is also known for showing their fans and followers some of their toxic traits. For one, Dj Mo was exposed for cheating on Size 8 despite being a celebrated gospel Dj in Kenya.

Second, and although unverified there were reports that got around that DJ Mo was physically abusive to Size 8. Despite all of these, the two are still going strong and look like the picture-perfect family.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

Though the two are not officially married or in a relationship, singer Samidoh and politician Karen have a son together. This relationship is toxic because, for one, Samidoh has a wife and kids but had a fling with Karen. Second, the two went on a social media rampage exposing and calling out each other.

Well, we admit the most was done by Karen but this was one toxic relationship! I mean, how do you go about exposing each other text messages to the public? Toxic, right? We know.

Ezra and Isha Raffi

Former FBI dance crew member Ezra and Isha are not new to being toxic. When Isha exposed Ezra publicly for cheating on her, she made it clear that the best decision was to leave him.

Isha even claimed that Ezra was physically abusive but you know how toxic relationships work. Months later the two got back together and were seen partying together like they never broke up!

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