Here are Kenya’s sexiest women

Here are Kenya’s sexiest women

Kenya has more than forty tribes. And in all of them, there are some of the most beautiful ladies. Kenya is blessed with the most beautiful celebrities, not just celebrities, non-celebrities as well.

These beautiful women have dominated the entertainment industry with their beautiful faces, smiles, and skin. Where you are someone who admires their eyes, or their beautiful curves, these women never disappoint. That is why they have earned a spot on this list.

From YouTubers to fitness junkies, here are some ladies who are giving men sleepless nights. In no particular order, here are Kenya’s top four most beautiful ladies.

Serah Teshna

Serah Teshna is an award-winning actress and show host. She came into the limelight around 2010 and 2011. She has starred in a couple of local TV shows like Noose of Gold, Pieces of Us, and Sue & Johnnie. No lie, Serah has kept us glued on our screens because of her looks.

She was rumored to be dating footballer Victor Wanyama, and the rumors were confirmed after the footballer took to his social media to announce that the two had given birth to a child together.


Everything that Kaz touches turns into sexy. Last year, when the country was on lockdown, bars closed, and no events to go to, Kaz discovered her hidden talents. Twerking. Since then, the lass has acquired several followers. She is among the hottest celebrities in Kenya.

Michelle Ntalami 

There is no doubt that Michelle oozes sexiness. Michelle is the CEO of Marini Naturals. She is a boss, and she is hot. Now and then, she flaunts what her mama gave her.
She recently hit media headlines after she came out to state that her girlfriend Makena Njeri had been cheating on her and that she had decided to part ways with her and concentrate on making herself a better person.

Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri is a gay activist, but she still pretty! She turns heads, both men’s and women’s. From the way she dresses, even you would turn.
Makena recently came out as gay, which sparked a lot of conversations. She is the CEO of Bold Network Africa, an organization that seeks to educate the community about LGBTQ.
The celebrity world is the best place to find some of the most beautiful women. Natalie Tewa and Sarah Hassan are also some of the most beautiful women that we have in Kenya as well. They are a perfect definition of stunning! The list of the hottest, prettiest celebrities normally sparks a lot of conversations in showbiz.
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