Here are Kenya’s richest celebrities and their net worth

Here are Kenya’s richest celebrities and their net worth

Money is the first thought we get when we mention celebrities. We all love our favourite celebrities and we always assume them to be stinking rich and successful.
Most do get by well with life, others take it up a notch and exploit every opportunity that comes their way into a money-making ordeal. The less fortunate only live in fame but the money ends up as a fantasy.
We all know that a celebrity’s financial requirements are not as basic as the rest of us, here are your 5 Favorite celebrities and their net worth.


Mejja is a hilarious and very famous musical artist in Kenya. He is a favourite pick for many artists since he has a very low scandal rate, is down to earth and extremely funny. He has remained relevant in the music scene and is ready to work with younger artists as he knows that they are the future. Since his famous days when he released ‘Kwani Jana Kuliendaje’ and ‘landlord’, he has inspired most artists to keep pushing and never give up.
He also does not charge upcoming artists for collaborations making him the favourite of the genge artists.
He has had a successful and consistent music career that has allowed him to excel financially. His recent estimated earnings amount to Ksh. 5.4 million, this estimate ranges from 2018 to date. His net worth is estimated at Ksh. 25 million.


The famous superstar is also a favourite among many, he has served Kenyans with sensational music for over 20 years and continues to do so. He exploded the industry’s fans with his hit song ‘fire’ in 2004.
He was named the 100 most influential Kenyan and is still shaking the musical waves. He is a favourite to many since he and his wife Wahu have been together all this time proving that true love exists among celebrities.
He has travelled across the world to entertain his international fans which created a niche for him to earn extra money aside from his record sales in Kenya.  He has an estimated net worth of USD 800,000 which amounts to Ksh. 88 million.


Probably the richest and most successful Kenyan musical artist of all time is Wyre, he became famous while in the popular music group necessary noise where he and Nazizi entertained Kenyans with their diverse set of musical skills.

His multi-genre abilities saw him release great Reggae and RnB tracks, the most popular at the time being ‘chuki’ and ‘manzi wa Nairobi’’

After going solo he continued with his successful music career where he really made a huge impact on Kenyan reggae with his great performances and releases. He has been very relevant and consistent which saw him perform alongside Alain and P-square. His net worth is estimated to be at $ 1 Million, about Ksh 100,000,000.


Renowned politician and musical artist Jaguar is a famous singer who joined the political realm in 2017 as the Member of Parliament for the Starehe constituency. He is a favourite for many Kenyans for his motivational and inspirational songs that depict the Kenyan political scene. The song ‘kigeugeu’ was very well taken by Kenyans as it exposed common traits that humans have, betrayal and mischief.

This enabled him a chance at politics as people believed that he could change the norm. He was also the chairman of NACADA. He now earns over Kshs 700,000 a month among royalties from his record sales. He is worth Ksh 350,000,000.


KRG the don

He is one of the richest musical artists in Kenya. He is known for his clout stunts where he spends a lot of money in public. He owns dozens of vehicles and properties that no one actually believes that the young man is actually that rich.
His music career hit the waves after he released the dancehall track “whine and drop’. His revenue stream comes from multiple sources. He owns a record label known as Fast Cash Music. By 2015, he had a total of 30 classic vehicles.
Though most people claim that his wealth is a result of a rich family background, his activities only seem to prove that he Is talented at getting big money and confidently said that he can account for his money without an issue.
He has an estimated net worth of 1.3 billion. I don’t think anyone can march up to this kind of wealth.
It’s pretty clear that celebrities have a better chance of making their lives successful only if they work at it in a responsible manner by not letting fame and easy fortune get the better of them.
It still takes hard work, determination and discipline to arrive at the comfort zone we see them in. One wrong move and you might end up shaming your name and fame.

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