Here are celebrities whose businesses failed terribly

Here are celebrities whose businesses failed terribly

Running a successful business requires a lot of knowledge and skills that not everyone has. We however can’t blame those who try and fail as that’s where they learn and get the experience.

We also have celebrities who tried their hands-on business and painfully ended up realizing that their hands are not gifted in that manner.


The Chokoza hitmaker once had an idea of having her brand of earphones, which would be called the Gs and Fs. Unfortunately, the idea did not take off and only died at the conceptualization stage.

Had it worked out then she would have been the first Kenyan celebrity to have her brand of earphones in the country. We can only imagine what it would have been.


the super Mcee is not new to the business world as he also tried his hands on it but failed terribly. The idea was to start an entertainment blog called 254digital which he did.

What challenged him, however, was the lack of competent personnel to run the whole thing and it eventually died at an early stage. Unfortunately, it didn’t live long enough for him to reap the benefits he had anticipated.


The Blackstar hitmaker once promised to launch his brand of condoms that would be glowing in the dark. Well, that did not come to be, perhaps because people did not fancy the idea of condoms that glow, or maybe it is not something they would want to have in their houses.

Condoms are not the only business idea the rapper has ever had as he also had this business idea of having his brand of boxer shorts. That as well did not bear any fruits, unfortunately.


Prezzo has always found a way of reinventing himself in this ever-changing entertainment industry, It is not a wonder that he has been around longer than many other artists.
When it comes to business however he learned the hard way that it is not a walk in the pack as he tried running a record label Makini Music Group that sadly went down the drain.

Vera Sidika

At the early stages of her career, Sidika established a hairline that used to sell human hair. The lounge did not stand the test of time as it collapsed.

Vera later said the reason behind the fall of the hairline was her inexperience. She however said that through the fall of that venture she acquired valuable lessons that she has used in other ventures.

Apart from inexperience she also blamed it on the constant travels that didn’t allow her to focus on growing the business.

Dj Kaytrixx 


One of Kenya’s top Dj had started a clothesline that didn’t last long before its demise. In an interview, the Dj acknowledged that the business failed due to poor marketing strategy and planning.

He also lacked experience in the field so he didn’t know how to handle some challenges he faced.

As it is said, it is not a failure if there was a lesson learned. We hope these celebrities learned a lesson or two out of their failures.


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