Here are celebrities biggest and craziest s*x scandals

Here are celebrities biggest and craziest s*x scandals

There have been several celebrity scandals over time. 2020 was one of the worst years so far- no doubt about that.

With the pandemic, many people lost their jobs, businesses shut down, bars and restaurants were closed, and there was a ban on public gatherings.

However, this did not stop Kenyan celebrities from finding themselves in different scandals. There were cases of deadbeat celebrities, cheating feuds, and a lot of baby mama drama.

Here are a few scandals that kept us glued to our phones and refresh our timelines for updates after every second.

Frankie-Maureen family feud 

Celebrity Gym instructor Frankie Just Gym It and YouTuber Maureen Waititu went all public with their breakup. Yeah, breakups are ugly, but this one?! The two had a youtube channel. They documented everything in their lives, their kids, and all the vacations they took. They were the ideal couple goal! We wished our relationships could be like theirs.

After the two broke up, Maureen then revealed that Frankie is deadbeat. She said that his baby daddy never made any efforts to see his kids. Franke, however, denied the claims and said that he does all he could so that his sons can have a happy life.

Dj Mo’s cheating scandal

A lady came out publicly and claimed that she had an affair with DJ Mo, Size 8s husband. She opened up to blogger Edgar Obare and shared the most intimate conversations she had with the DJ. This was just days after the two had celebrated their wedding anniversary.

The lady alleged that she met with DJ MO a couple of times, even when the two were on vacation. DJ MO and Size 8 trended for weeks. Funny this is, after some time, Size 8 said she has forgiven her husband and said it was the devil at work.

Shakila’s viral video

Wannabe socialite Shakilla’s live Instagram video went viral after she was seen twerking on Xtian Dela’s club covid online event. The 21-year-old also claimed that she had slept with celebrities like Victor Wanyama, who made her make an apology in public.

The Boys’ Club

Kiss 100s radio host Jalango made headlines after an anonymous person tipped blogger Edgar Obare with photos of Jalango and his friends and a WhatsApp group where they discussed the number of women they have ever slept with.
The radio host, however, rubbished the claims and said the Whatsapp group was created for business purposes.
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