Here are 10 s*xy Kenyan video vixens that we just can’t get enough of

Here are 10 s*xy Kenyan video vixens that we just can’t get enough of

Video vixening has become a fully-fledged career. Gone are the days when ladies would appear in music videos just for the sake of it, these days they make good money from it just like any other job.

If you are keen, I’m sure you’ve noticed that certain ladies feature in almost every music video because their demand is high.

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Presumably, these lasses are laughing all the way to the bank and are making a killing from working as video vixens.

We decided to take a look at Kenyan video queens that many people can not get enough of. Here are some of the most sought-after video vixens in Kenya in no particular order.

Wayu Wayua – This lass, who is one of the most popular Kenyan dancers on Tik Tok, rose to fame after appearing in Bensoul’s Favourite Song. Wayu has worked with a number of Kenyan artists, especially those from Sol Generation.

Ayomar Atieno – She appeared in Feeling by Nameless and Wahu, Anto Neo Soul’s KanyagiaChini Chini by Matata and Mejja etc. It goes without saying that she is a good dancer and chances are high that you will be glued to the screen because of her seductive moves.
Cadra Khayanga – A while back, Cadra, who has worked with the who’s who of the local entertainment industry revealed that she is the most paid video vixen in Kenya. She has worked with several artists including Bahati, Khaligraph Jones, Masauti, Nandy, and Redsan just to name a few.
Lynne – If you love Kenyan music, I am sure at one point you’ve seen this babe on a music video. She has worked with most of the bigwigs in the industry, from Willy Paul to Khaligraph to Bahati to Masauti, you name them.
Fatma Banj – The was a time when Fatma, who is dating media personality Xtian Dela, was in almost every Kenyan music video. She has worked with a number of artists including; Darassa, Jux, Kristoff, Magix Enga, Nyashinski, King Kaka, Timmy Tdat, just to name a few.
Becky –  She has starred in a number of artists’ videos such as Dundaing by Kristoff and King Kaka and Ochunglo Family’s Kaa Na Mama Yako and Dudu, Kidum’s Hatuachani, just to name a few. Becky won the Video Vixen of the Year at the Pulse Music Awards in 2019.
Hasni Shah – This lass became a household name after appearing in Khaligraph Jones mega hit Ngori. Interestingly, unlike the other ladies on this list, Hasni, who has won the Pulse Music Video Awards, is of Asian origin.
Joy Agunjah – Although it’s been a minute since she was featured in a new music video, Joy, who happens to be Corazon’s younger sister was one of the most sought-after video vixens three years ago or so. Some of the music videos she’s appeared in are; Arrow Bwoy’s Lover Man and Otile Brown’s Hi.
Sarah Gwan – This babe, whose real name is Sarah Sereah Njogu, has been making a killing from vixening. She has appeared in a number of music videos such as Redsan’s Panda, Jegede’s My Lover, Masauti’s Burudani, Willy Paul’s Chuchuma Susumila’s Mpaka Chee, the list is endless.

Apart from having a beautiful derriere, Sarah is also a good dancer/twerker and that is one of the things that makes her stand out.

Essy Apple –  The pretty lass, who also goes by the name Tunda La Kenya, has appeared in a number of music videos such as Big Pin’s Ginene, Khaligraph Jones’ Omollo, just to name a few.

Other than the fact that she is beautiful, Essy is also very curvy and it’s not a surprise that many artists are always seeking her services.