“He can as well sell masks like other men” Jalango responds to Omosh’s plight

“He can as well sell masks like other men” Jalango responds to Omosh’s plight

Omosh has been the man on the news for such a short time now and it has been an impressive journey.

Watching him move from beloved comedic character on a beloved throwback show to the poor man victimised by an expensive addiction to his current persona; the man quickly turning his supporters into haters by not showing using his smarts to take care of the money he was given!

Many Kenyans who were ever so touched by his appearance on Jalang’o’s show went out of their way to show how they supported him and wished him to get out of the negative space that he had been in his life after the ending of Tahidi High came in large groves, donating in large, but the news of what he had done today in an interbview has taken many aback.

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What is also just as interesting is that not only did Omosh get all the donations and love from the citizens of Kenya, he got a ton of support from fellow celelrbrites too! They also did not like witnessing a fellow star fall from the great position he once was as the man that made households laugh all over the country way before the spread of the internet.

And they too were enraged by what he had to say concerning the supposed millions he received after his video spread online.

Soon after the video started making its way around the internet, Omosh has received a considerable amount of clap back, a large part of it coming from his fellow celebrities!

Jalang’oo seemed to be the one with the most disappointment in the entire situation, saying that he had indeed been awarded more than a million Kenyan shillings coming from his show and that aside from that, he had received a piece of land and a house from the segment alone!

The honourable Mohammed Ali Nur was also extremely disappointed, saying that he would never help him again because he had taken advantage of the situation.

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Terrence Creative weighed in by saying the things he had heard had hurt him, but he better not comment on the occurrence. Dj Shiti seemed a lot more bitter about it, telling him to quit his obsessive drinking.

He also added that Omosh needed to have his mouth slapped with slippers!
Oga Obinna seemed to be a bit more understanding towards him, saying that he understood how an addiction could change someone’s life, but adding that even more donations would not help Omosh, only discipline would.

Flaqo the upcoming comedian remarked that he wished he had the confidence Omosh seemed to highly exude.
Shaq the Youngin came in with jokes saying he simply pledged allegiance to the flag. Notiflow said she also wanted money at this point.

Is all the flack he is receiving worth it?