Have you watched this video of Amber Ray & Co-Wife Amira ‘fighting’ in Syokimau over hubby Jamal?

Have you watched this video of Amber Ray & Co-Wife Amira ‘fighting’ in Syokimau over hubby Jamal?

On Tuesday (Night), drama was witnessed in Syokimau after socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray and her Co-wife Amira confronted each other over husband Jamal RohoSafi.

In an Insta-Live, the two could be seen hurling insults at each other, with Amira accusing Amber of ruining her marriage. In the video, Amira could be seen outside in company of her friends and family throwing insulting at Amber Ray while blaming her husband for marrying the socialite.

On the other hand, Amber maintained a straight face, stating that she will not be intimidate by Amira simply because she (Amira) is the first wife to Jamal.

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She went on to say that Amira should humble herself and agree to share, because she is not the one who seduced Jamal.

The confrontations attracted curious onlookers and neighbours who stepped out to witness the drama as it unfolded. Others tried to calm the two down but their calls fell on deaf ears.

Amira and her people want Amber Ray out of the Estate they stay in Syokimau, basing on the fact that they are neighbors.

Earlier on, Ray had alleged that her life was in danger and was even planning moving out of her Syokimau house.

“Can’t wait to move to my New Home #Miss Independent… Thank you God for ye Journey”

“Wooii, My current house nawachia my Mum… I know actually it hurts me to move but my peace of Mind will always come first”.

“Pole, but this place ain’t safe for me anymore” shared Amber Ray.

In May, Amira disclosed that she too had learnt of her husband’s new relationship with the socialite on social media.

She further added that she has still not accepted and will never accept Amber as her co-wife because she was not involved in the decision to have her married to her husband.

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Massawe: “Sasa hivi uko kwenye mitandao ya jamii (social media) na mume wako Jimal aliweza kuoa mke wa pili. Na kuna vishindo kule social media. How is that for you as a fisrt wife ama ilikuwaje mume wako alipokuambia anataka kuoa mke wa pili.

Amira: Kila mtu ni mtu mzima na Mimi the only control I have is over my life, watoto wangu na biashara zangu. Watu wawili they decide what they want to do. It was his own decision. According to religion, ukiwa unaoa mke wa pili unafaa umjulishe mke wa kwanza. So ni kitu hujaambiwa anaenda kuuoa so kwangu sikuichukulia kama sawa, sio sawa kwangu na haitakuwa sawa.

Massawe: Ulijua vipi?

Amira: Mimi sikujulishwa nilikuja kujua social media.

Amira further disclosed that she has not and will not talk to Amber despite them being neighbors early on.

Amira: I am good with people and I am good with my neighbors and the people around me. I was doing the same thing with her as a neighbor so I wont say alikuwa rafiki yangu. Alikuwa tu acquaintance. Ata siwezi kumsemesha.

Jimal had previously claimed that his first wife should know that Amber came as a blessing in his life.

“My wife should know that Amber is a blessing, she came to my life and I changed a lot of things… she had showed me everything coz I was a loner na hakuna mtu dangerous kama mtu loner.”

The mother of two said she has been with Jamal for 17 years and she was not giving up on her marriage.