Have you watched this raunchy video of woman twerking for Bahati in Dubai ?

Have you watched this raunchy video of woman twerking for Bahati in Dubai ?

The power couple, Diana and Bahati are in Dubai for vacation and as it seems, things aren’t going as they had planned.

The couple has been sharing their escapades in beautiful Dubai and seems to be having a great time there until this happened.

On Thursday, Diana took to Instagram to share a video that’s left many talking and wondering what is going on between the two.

According to Marua, they had just come from a desert safari when she found her husband staring at a beautiful belly dancer and he seemed smitten by her. Could Diana be jealous of the dancer?


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This is what she wrote,” We just from the dessert safari about to enjoy a nice dinner than nampata akizubaa anadai She’ll be his vixen on the next Banger. Ni sawa, nakuona sana @BahatiKenya  @zunguka_africa_safaris Rudisheni huyu aki.”

It seems the sight of her husband drooling on another woman has really bothered Diana so much that she now seems to have taken up twerking classes.

In a consecutive video on her Instagram feed, Diana is seen trying to twerk in the company of another woman who seems to be the one teaching her to do it.

When the two got married, Bahati and Diana were seriously trolled over their age gap. It was alleged that Marua was 10 years older than Bahati but the two later addressed it and put the rumours to rest by explaining that Diana was only 2 years older.

The two have proven wrong many who thought that they wouldn’t last saying that Diana was in it for the fame and money.

And even when news of Bahati having a baby mama came to light, Diana still stood by him. Diana, Bahati and Yvette Obura now have a picture-perfect blended family. Diana occasionally hosts Yvette’s daughter in her house and loves her to bits.

3 years after their wedding, the two are as happy as ever and have two kids together. They even their own reality show which first aired on NTV in 2018 and went up to three seasons! Talk about making it! When the show ended, though, the couple continued to share with us their lives on their YouTube Channel, DIANA BAHATI, which has over 390K subscribers!

Couple goals or naah?