Have You Seen Shakilla’s New Tatoo of Her New Celebrity Boyfriend

Have You Seen Shakilla’s New Tatoo of Her New Celebrity Boyfriend

Known for her many controversies and theatrics, Shakilla is as fierce as they come.

She is known to go the extra mile to catch people’s attention and today, she’s done it again.

The socialite took to Instagram to share that she was getting a new tattoo on her hand.

While Shakilla has a number of tattoos on her body, we couldn’t help but get curious about her new one.

From the video shared on her stories, it seems as though the socialite is getting a tattoo of a face of a man. Could this be an ex, a current lover or someone she admires?

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Captioned on the video was a date 18.06 and some doves next to it to indicate that the date meant someone had died on that date.

A deeper dive into who the mystery man reveals that Shakilla is getting a tattoo of US rapper XXX Tentacion.

The rapper, born in 1998, died on 18th July 2018 in a botched robbery that took place in Florida. According to police, he was shot and killed while he was leaving a motorsports store.

Shakilla has, in other instances expressed her love and admiration for the US rapper. Surprisingly, in her first Instagram post, she shared a picture of the rapper alongside hers.

In another post, the socialite shared a video of XXX Tentacion and captioned it saying how she loves and respects anyone who is a fan of the deceased rapper.

“Nothing but love and respect To my X fans I know you know wassup” she wrote.

Shakilla has two other large tattoos on both her thighs but there isn’t much to go by as they are just drawings of flowers.

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If you’re wondering what Shakilla is famous for, here’s a little background on her. The socialite made headlines in 2020 when she featured on Xtian Dela’s Club Covid, a show that later landed the blogger in hot soup with the authorities.

Shakilla has also been featured on Eric Omondi’s Wife Material show which was also filled with controversies. Shakilla was seen kissing the star of the show, Eric and even fighting with her fellow contestants on the show.

She has also been in scandals involving Victor Wanyama, Otile Brown and Khaligraph where she revealed that she had been sexually involved with them.

While Shakilla has revealed in the past that she isn’t actually Kenyan, most of her fans are Kenyans.