Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Musila shares her anti-aging secrets

Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Musila shares her anti-aging secrets

When you check out Esther Musila’s photos the beauty does not look a day over 29. She is, however, 52 years old The star has finally revealed the secret to what has kept her looking youthful all these years.

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Esther recently took to her Instagram to share photos of herself after a gym session, and the businesswoman, who is also a mother of three was looking snatched in all the right places.

Her fans were quick to interject Esther’s moment to shine as they flooded the comment section with opinions, compliments, and questions. One fan was surprised at how young she looked and gave their opinions as to how old she really seemed.

Another fan commended Esther for staying true to her fitness routine, to which she noted that she has been consistently doing for the last 10 years.

Esther was in a good mood it seemed, as she replied to a number of comments. When someone praised her consistency she noted that going to the gym was her way of life.

She had shared her gym routine earlier, which mostly included dancercising (which is described as an aerobic exercise system that uses dance movements.). The star was looking happy dancing her way to body goals, alongside other gym-goers.

One fan noticed how much fun Esther was having in the gym and noted that the session seemed like one of her favorites. Esther responded by noting that it was her first dance of 2022 and that it was made even more special by the fact that her (recently married) husband’s, Guardian Angel’s Sweety song was played during the workout.

Esther and Guardian Angel got married recently. Guardian angel is 31 years old while Esther is 51 years old, so the two have been a topic of conversation among Kenyans since they started dating.

Kenyans on the internet have long assumed that the two of them would eventually split up due to their age disparity. Well, the couple defied all odds and married in the end.

They both shared the exciting news on their Instagram accounts. Guardian Angel, for his part, shared a photo of himself and his lovely bride, confirming that the wedding took place on his birthday.

Esther, on her part, shared a photo of herself and her handsome groom, noting that she was marrying her best friend. Do you think that keeping herself fit is key to Esther being in a relationship with a younger guy?

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