Groom Almost Married Wrong Bride Due To Google Maps Fail

Groom Almost Married Wrong Bride Due To Google Maps Fail

The wedding group went to the wrong house in Jengkol village, Pakis district, Central Java province, Indonesia, a few kilometers away from his real bride.

On April 4, a groom planned to go to Losari village, Pakis district in Central Java province to receive his bride. But because he was pointed in the wrong way by Google Maps, he went to the nearby village of Jengkol. Coincidentally there is also a wedding going on at this location.

Seeing the wedding venue, the groom’s party did not suspect that they were in the wrong place. They were welcomed by the bride’s family, entered the house, and waited to pick up the bride.

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At the same time, the bride is wearing makeup, so she does not immediately realize that the groom is welcomed into her wedding is not a “genuine groom”.

Talking to a local media after the incident, the bride, named Maria Ulfa, described how shocked she was to see a group of men waiting in her house to pick her up while having no idea who there were.

In addition, her real fiance is in Kendal, while those who come to pick up the bride say they are from Pemalang. It was this that made Maria realize something was wrong.

Finally, after being explained and directed by Maria’s family members, the lost groom found the right wedding and his bride.

The video of the incident was quickly shared on social media, causing many people to laugh. Some consider this a memorable experience of the groom, others wonder why it took the groom so long to realize his mistake.