Frasha Beats Side Chic For Denying Him Raw S*x

Frasha Beats Side Chic For Denying Him Raw S*x

Its always a sad moment when the people we looked up to when we were downturn out not to be what we thought they were, celebrities do not have the mandate to be role models but the truth is with all the pressure that they give us on social (being perfect couples, living perfect lives, smiles all round) you would think that they have all of their business together, only for them to be the complete opposite of the image that they had been portraying to us.

One such person is Frasha, a member of P-Unit, the boy’s group that everybody knows and loves since they are also extremely loveable.

Frasha, known as the ‘doctor’ member of the crew, was not just only the one who was in the most committed and loving relationships, he was also the one that had grown wishing they had a boyfriend like him because he appeared to hold his wife in extremely high regard and after staying together for almost 20 years now, they were well in the status of Nameless and Wahu because their family looked like a very happy one.


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It seems that all of this was nothing but hogwash that people believed because Frasha was earlier exposed for the cheater that he was, and not just that, was cheating with women that were 10 years younger than his wife.

A lady by the name of Phieso just came out with the news that he had been Frasha’s side piece for a while before things turned sour between them.

The lady, who is also a gengetone artist came out to say that not had Frasha been cheating on his wife, he was allegedly abusive as well.

Female Dancehall artist, Phieso Accuses Rapper Frasha of beating her for denying her raw s*x

She took to her instgram to reveal that he had beaten her black and blue because he did not want to use protection when she wanted to so the encounter turned violent.

The expose began when she posted that the man who she called ‘old’ had gone too far and now she was finding herself in a position that she never thought she would be in, exposing this man. She even revealed that she was going to go live with the news but his friends intervened.

She said that the only reason she was not in a lot more danger was because the man that owned the place came to her help and got her some rest. She also made sure to reveal that Frasha was running for MCA this year but she was determined to put a stop to that.

She went ahead and said that if anything were to happen to her it would have been because of him, meaning that he was now threatening her life.

Frasha has not said anything to counter these allegations, but it seems as if he may be going through another route with the whole case -he has just announced a new song ad it seems as if other celebrities are backing him up.

His wife has not said anything on her Instagram, it may be highly likely that she knew about the whole thing


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