Ezekiel Mutua Cancels Bahati’s Funding Towards New Album

Ezekiel Mutua Cancels Bahati’s Funding Towards New Album

It is unfortunate to report, but it seems Bahati is having one of those bad weeks after he released the Fikra Za Bahati diss song that is set to welcome his new album “Love Like This”

Bahati seems to have taken a leap of faith from the gospel pan and fallen directly onto the fiery flames of secular music without cushioning!

He had quit making gospel music a while back stating that the industry was toxic and he never felt welcomed there, decided to start singing secular music and so far, things have been going rather well for him. That is until a few days ago when he released a single from his upcoming album called, Fikra Za Bahati.

Now, this jam was completely different from what he had begun singing in the industry. It was a diss track dedicated to just about all of the other secular artists in the industry.

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While some artists like Bien and Khaligraph Jones and even Eddie Butitua( who just released a very sick diss track in response to Bahati song) but it seems that this recent one has just become the biggest blow after his release.

Ezekiel Mutua has just released a statement reversing the 200k support he had promised Bahati.

According to the statement, The Kenya Film Classification Board has promised to support the young musician with a cool 200k for his music, but it was an amount that had some conditions.

SOURCE: Twitter @Ezekiel Mutua

Conditions that Bahati sadly broke. According to Ezekiel, this amount was to go to Bahati if he maintained Clean content and family suitable content and modesty in his music, but he hadn’t done that, and that the team decided to revoke the support.

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Ezekiel then went ahead and described why he was disappointed in Bahati for his behavior and called for modesty in the music department. He said that even though it didn’t seem so, family suitable content would always sail further than explicit content and music.

He revealed that the board was going to distance itself from Bahati completely because of this.

Do you think Bahati’s Diss Track did more good or bad for his career? And what will he do now?