Exclusive: Vioxii Talks Khaligraph Jones Feature in His Album, Katalang Being Talented, Better Than Japesa & Luo Boi

Exclusive: Vioxii Talks Khaligraph Jones Feature in His Album, Katalang Being Talented, Better Than Japesa & Luo Boi

Katalang is Talented but I Rank Japesa over Him & Luo Boi – Vioxii

Today plugged.co.ke had a very insightful interview with Luo rap artist Vioxii Dede from his beef with Japesa and Luo Boi and how much he ranks Katalang’ above the two to having Khaligraph Jones featured in his album.

We also touched on his perspective of luo music and the pioneers of Luo music especially the Benga maestro Osito Kale and why he needs to be respected.

Here are his thoughts on the industry and what he has accomplished across the years.

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Why the name Vioxii Dede?

My Actual name is Victor Dede, Vioxii came from the abbreviation of Victor which is V.I.C so i decided to add O in the middle since my middle name is Otieno so it all ended up to VIOXII which also has a hidden meaning V-virtuous I-inspirational. O- Optimistic. X- Extreme. I-integral. I-influence and Dede is my paternal name.

Luo rap is getting recognition worldwide. What makes you think you contributed more than the others?

Am happy Luo Rap is getting more recognition even though I am not into getting recognition for my contribution but yes, after this beef with Japesa that has now turned into a Luo Rap Challenge we have seen massive support from the ground unlike the way it was initially.

It’s not yet matured into what we would want it to be but soon we are going to take it to the international heights.

I can also not forget all those who initiated the Luo Rap, Poxi presha, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Mighty King Kong, Wicky Mosh, Big Pin, Jomenes Band, Muki Garang, Judge of Black Duo, R.I.C among others for their collective part in this.

Luo rap artist Vioxii Dede
Luo rap artist Vioxii Dede

If you were to choose a successor between Japesa & Luboi who would it be?

A successor between Luo Boi and Japesa? Lol they are both skilled artists in their own styles of rap but Luo boi still smells raw milk when I talk about techniques same to Japesa so I would rather choose Katalang.

But since am poetic and have no choice I will just rhyme my choice with a start and finish as the ”Successor” to be ”JAPESA” because after I dissed him and schooled him the young man now is humble and is learning quick on how to handle people with precaution and manners.

Would you do another song with Japesa now that he called off your beef?

When this beef started out it was personal and of that I can be certain but in the course of it I just acted the big brother since Japesa was all over my inbox asking for forgiveness and sh8t like that.

Initially this was to be a two man Luo Rap beef until it escalated and so I thought why don’t we just turn this into a Luo Rap challenge and also support and expose young Luo rappers who are good and can use this platform as well, and am sure you have known rappers whom you never even knew before just after the Diss and Rap challenge.

And yea am having a track with Japesa, two tracks to be precise. LEVELS Remix ft Japesa, Scar Mkadinali & Swaleh from Kisumu and also the Rap challenge is not over Go Guok is dropping anytime from now.

Do you think it was cowardice for Japesa to call off the beef?

In Hip Hop you raise your head high and you don’t surrender, so yes it was cowardice. Hip Hop is not for the soft hearted but unlikely some of this young rappers are as soft as urban light skin chick thighs, maybe he had a reputation to keep to or was advised I was going to destroy his career.

What is your take on Japesa and Luoboi calling out Osito Kale and PPMC?

Calling out Osito’s name was utterly uncalculated and childish especially Luo Boi’s post that was smeared with high level deficiency of intellectual sense.

Respect is priceless especially when handling an elder whosemusic has done much for the Luo Benga Industry in itself.

Its wise Japesa apologized and later clarified his statement and that he only had issues with how the firm handled young artist of which he had a point.

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Luo rap artist Vioxii Dede

Do you think it is right for Osito Kale to retire?

I have no privilege whatsoever or scepter to opt Osito’s retirement in music and I would rather even wish he makes more music since he showcased his prowess in the Madaraka Day show and that he still have his followers on toe.

Much Respect to him in fact I would very much wish to fuse up a Luo Rap with his Benga in my coming album.

Osito is a Legend!


What influenced your style of music?

Hip Hop as a culture is the main influence to my Rap style..and my style is utterly unpredictable thats why i always outstand most of this rappers whose skills and techniques in rap are habitual and predictable.


Does music pay your bills?

My previous albums have partially paid my bills that I can confess but the musical hustle is not an easy one as young artist often anticipate, it’s a journey of putting in more work and using a lot of resources to brand yourself to be able to start getting a dime of your followers and cooperates.


Any new albums soon?

Currently am working on my third Album KAVIRONDO SUPREME which is Luo Rap fused with the many genres we have in the Kavirondo Gulf (Nyanza)

I have a Rap Nyatiti song in the album that I have featured Rapasa, I have also featured Koffi Makadory and Igwee Bandasson in a Rumba rap track.

More soulful Afro Rap featuring a gorgeous Luo singer called Nyasanje and also a hit Banger with APESI Mnyama mkali from Kisumu and Khaligraph jones also asked for three demos of which are ready if he rocks with them then be ready for some Killer Bangers.

This Album Kavirondo Supreme is something else and will define Luo Rap in an intellectual aspect not to forget I have our Luo brothers too from Uganda and South Sudan also featured in a track.

It’s worth all the penny and the long wait. Long Live Luo Rap.