Everything You Need To Know About Raburu’s Latest Catch, Ivy Namu

Everything You Need To Know About Raburu’s Latest Catch, Ivy Namu

Ivy Namu seems like a free happy soul. From her Instagram feeds, you can tell that she is a genuinely happy person. Recently, she was referred to as Willis Raburu’s new wife, while other sources say that they are just friends.

Recently, blogger Edgar Obare revealed that Ivy and Willis are expecting their first child together. He further posted a poster that was meant to be for the baby shower program that was set to happen on Friday 18th in the afternoon.

In the photo shared by the blogger, we could see Ivy rocking a long yellow dress with a thigh-high slit. On the other hand, Willis was wearing a Black shirt with a little bit of an African print with his hands around Ivy. They look good together.

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Edgar also shared a video where you could Willis in the presence of a lady at a hospital. The face of a lady, however, her face was not visible.

Fans said that Willis move on very fast.

Marya Prude and Willis Raburu divorced last year around March, months after they lost their daughter. After the two went separate ways, fans thought they would get back together after sorting out their issues, but once Marya publicly revealed that the two are divorced. Willis took a break from the media for one month and came back as if he never left! He enrolled in a gym and since then has shed several kgs.

Days, after he mourned the death of their child, details of Ivy expecting a baby with Willis Raburu emerged, and fans thought that that was a quick move. How long should someone wait before they jump into a new relationship?

Something that is there to be noted here is that Willis has played his cards differently this time. He kept his relationship on the low. It seems like they have been seeing each other for some time now, but no one knew about it.

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Marya Prude reacted to the news with a woman’s meme dropping an ‘unsee’ eye drops. Could she be jealous? Could she still be hurting? Marya once warned his fans against calling her Mrs. Raburu. Maybe Willis once to do things differently. That is why he kept a low profile with this new relationship. Hopefully, things will work out well for these two.