Eric Omondi’s Net Worth, Pay Per Gig, New Girlfriend and Scandals

Eric Omondi’s Net Worth, Pay Per Gig, New Girlfriend and Scandals

Standup Comedy was a foreign concept in Kenya until Daniel Ndambuki, popularly known by his stage name Churchill, happened. And it’s through Churchill that Eric Omondi happened, and many other A list comedians after him.

The standup act in a past interview credited his success to the platform given to him by the Churchill on the hugely popular Churchill Show aired on NTV. The two have maintained a good relationship even after Eric left the show to run his own projects. This article will take you through Eric Omondi early life, his achievements and his net worth.

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Early Life
He spent his formative years in Kondele Primary school before his parents moved him to Lake Primary school. According to the comedian, he used to suck his thumb and once peed on himself while in school. This dented his self esteem prompting his parents to move him to Lake Primary school.

In a past interview, Fred Omondi spoke fondly of his brother mischief and how he would wiggle out of disciplinary situations by disarming his parents with a joke. He recited a poem in school that was a hit with parents leaving no doubt that he was headed to the big stage.

High School/University
Eric Omondi life was seemingly confined in Kisumu. After sitting for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), the comedian was admitted at Kisumu Boys. High school shaped and honed his skills as a comedian. His artistry was evident when he perfectly played a role of a woman, which he continues to do in his many skits on You Tube leaving his critic Cyprian Nyakundi questioning his sexuality.

Omondi moved to Nairobi for the first time in 2003 to join Daystar University for a 3 year course in Electronic Media. His ability to charm audiences saw him take up the role of an emcee-albeit self appointed. He graduated 7 years later after the university awarded him a full scholarship.

Joining Churchill
His journey to where he is today is credited to the father of standup comedy, Churchill. The two met in 2006 and exchanged numbers after Eric impressed in a gig he was performing.

Two years later, Churchill called the ‘skinny’ comedian to inform him of what turned out to be an opportunity of a lifetime. His debut at the Churchil Show was not what he expected but he picked up fast and won the hearts of many.

Starring In His Own Show
After gaining traction in Churchill Show, Eric decided he was fit enough to star in his own show. ‘Hawayu’ happened. Kenyans were excited until the rubber hit the road. ‘Hawayu’ was a disaster and before we knew it, KTN had cancelled the show over poor ratings.

He admitted that it was indeed one of his worst decisions:

“It was one of the worst ideas because I was young and I wasn’t ready. I think God gave me that opportunity intentionally to teach me a few things. But it was also one of the best things that ever happened to me because without it, I wouldn’t be where I’m today.

It changed everything and I learnt a lot. I understood Kenyans, production and comedy as a whole. It was a good lesson…”

Piling Debts
After his experiment that took the fabled life of Simon Makonde came a cropper, Eric found himself between a rock and hard financial place. No corporate wanted to touch him. Shows ran dry and the small time gigs he got, paid him peanuts.

His first car, a Toyota Allion, was auctioned. He had rent arrears-7 months’ rent arrears to be precise. Like the prodigal son who had wandered to the unknown, Churchill was gracious enough to take him back.

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His Shows
The ever ambitious Eric left the Churchill once again. This time he was better prepared and the timing was right. He needed to give space to other acts and he had grand plans after his exit.

His show “Eric Omondi Untamed” launched at the Villa Rosa targeting the high end market. It seemingly died a natural death as the comedian has taken to act on his YouTube channel.

Endorsements And How Much He Was Paid
Eric has made millions in endorsements alone. His paycheck for the two Airtel ad ‘Kuhama’ fetched him a cool kes1 million. But he says the highest amount he ever made for a single ad was kes750,000 as it did not include expense. He was also the ambassador of OLX and Kenya Wildlife Service Rhino ambassador. Ericko did another ad with Bonfire Safaris.

How Much He Makes On His You Tube Channel via

Eric Omondi estimated earnings by months



estimated earnings
December 2018$ 107
November 2018$ 902
October 2018$ 1.31K
September 2018$ 739
August 2018$ 1.29K
July 2018$ 1.32K
June 2018$ 801
May 2018$ 1.1K
April 2018$ 754
March 2018$ 744
February 2018$ 464
January 2018$ 967
December 2017$ 925
November 2017$ 1.1K
October 2017$ 1.14K
September 2017$ 744
August 2017$ 588
July 2017$ 598
June 2017$ 848
May 2017$ 1.2K
April 2017$ 354
March 2017$ 622
February 2017$ 623
January 2017$ 422
November 2016$ 886
October 2016$ 188

Eric Omondi has over 170,000 subscribers on You Tube and his videos have over 25 million views. His videos are probably generating lower income because of copyrighted materials as he usually does parody videos of popular songs.

He was named the 9th funniest man in Africa in 2015. This year, the comedian bagged the best African Comedian at the African Entertainment Awards USA (AEAUSA) held in New Jersey.

Net Worth
Eric Omondi put his net worth at kes30 million making him one of the richest comedian in Kenya. That was 5 years ago. Last year he was in the process of completing the construction of his apartments in Kisumu.