“Eric is broke” Amber Ray On Why She Wouldn’t Date Eric Omondi

“Eric is broke” Amber Ray On Why She Wouldn’t Date Eric Omondi

Amber Ray has finally shed light on the act that she and comedian Eric Omondi are just friends and not involved in any form of a relationship. During a question and answer session on her Instagram, Amber Ray asked her followers to ask her any question that they might have.

Of course, most of the questions were going to revolve around the comedian since these two have been hanging out together a lot in the recent couple of days.

One of her followers wrote, not a question but I love your vibe, all the best with Eric with some love eyes emojis. To which Amber Ray replied, Lol, we ain’t dating, it’s just business. So this has just left me so confused. Just recently, Amber Ray went live on her Instagram and revealed that she is dating Eric Omondi. And then now, she said the two are just meeting for business purposes. On her live session, she added Eric Omondi and the two started, flirting, talking about how good they look, err, okayy.

The weekend was a movie for these two. Amber and Eric partied at Kiambu on Saturday and Eric shared a video dancing with Amber Ray and the video was kind of….err, you be the judge yourself. Below is the video that was shared by Eric Omondi.

Amber Ray has been away from the dating scene ever since she broke up with Jamal Roho Safi. Today, she is just living a day at a time enjoying being single as she takes vacations now and then. She has found a new best friend, Phoina, with whom they spend quite a lot of time together, and like I said earlier, I am getting jealous of this friendship.

Eric Omondi on the other hand hasn’t dated for some time. It is almost close to two years ever since he called it quits with his girlfriend, Chantelle, who by the way, has already moved on with an Italian boyfriend. It seems like the comedian is focused on other things like building his brand and currently, he is focused on being a campaign manager.

So maybe these two are just clout chasing. After all, isn’t this what all Kenyan celebrities do? They would do anything just to stay ‘relevant’. Eric Omondi is not new to this clout thing. When it came to his show wife material, Eric Omondi made sure he was trending almost every day thanks to the stunts he used to pull with the contestants of the show. Most of us were actually hopeful that after this show, Eric would have a wife, but too bad, everything that we saw on season one was scripted and as for season two, the show was banned even before it had started.

Anyway, time will tell whether these two are dating or they are just pulling our legs. Hopefully, they get to meet their significant others soon.


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