Donado Stone Releases His Much Anticipated Single ‘IGotU’ Featuring Kiburu

Donado Stone Releases His Much Anticipated Single ‘IGotU’ Featuring Kiburu

Donado Stone returns with the release of his brand-new single ‘IGotU’ off his upcoming mixtape featuring fast-rising Nairobi-based rapper Kiburu via Stretch Hold Music Group.

The song which is said to be his first single in about two years is something that we did not see coming, given the fact that he reinvented himself and created a new sound with comparisons to his previous work. The song was produced by Autum Kray borrowing elements of HipHop. Rap, R&B, and Pop.

Autum Kray’s production follows through with meeting the vision set in tone for the record which in all due respect, is a hit that I never thought would be a possibility especially from that part of the continent. The simplicity of the record does not take away the fact that the production is far away from being humble. I must say that Autum’s approach is something that not many Kenyan and African producers are ready to experiment with; the very catchy melody is convincing enough to get me hooked to the song and not forgetting the rather weird baseline that on normal occasions would be present in a Pop or Hip-Hop record.

The creative relationship between Autum’s production and the vocal delivery presented by Donado and his collaborator Kiburu is something we did not know we needed. The Kenyan sound has faced some changes and artists are becoming more aware and daring when it comes to creating music but the state of the industry has been rather stale for a minute. Its songs like this bring a different view to what defines the Kenyan music industry; not disrespecting artists who are in existence but ensuring that we recognize those who are changing the game.

Are we ready to have this conversation though? The fact that a man is okay with being ‘the side guy’ is something not many would be okay with but Donado is ready to have this conversation. He courageously addresses his lover and tells her that he is okay with the position he is in but at the same time talks about being ready to face the main guy and fight for her. It is rather clear that he is okay with the position he is in and acknowledges the fact that he is ready to provide what the ‘main guy’ is not willing to do for her. The fact that he brings this conversation to light using an upbeat record that is clearly ready to be played in the club, makes it the perfect hit song for the beginning of the new year.

The presence of Kiburu is nothing but a perfect combination and a complement to an already good record. Listening to his verse, it is important for me to note that it has been a long time since we heard a rapper rap like that; not in Kenya and definitely not in Africa. He is calm and collected but still manages to be cocky enough to tell you how he feels; it’s not about cursing or bragging, it’s about driving the point home, and he did.

Visualizers are becoming rather redundant in a world where videos are more popular for records such as this, it was rather satisfying to see another level of creativity in this market. It feels like watching an animated movie only that the lead character in this movie is an African man who rules over a domain with Greek-like sentiments.

With that being said, go ahead and check out the song on YouTube and other digital platforms. YouTube link below: