Corazon Kwamboka to sue Wema Sepetu

Corazon Kwamboka to sue Wema Sepetu

The truth is, having someone steal your property no matter how small or irrelevant, the thieving still hurts.
And if there is a group that does not like thieves it’s most definitely Kenyans, which is sort of laughable now that you think about it considering how prevalent theft has become over the past few months.

What even more surprising is, celebrities steal too! In fact, in Kenya it is common knowledge that those in higher social standings than the rest are some of the most notorious when it comes to stealing, with some of them even getting into court cases  yet still escaping, even though we all know what goes on.

What many don’t give space to is the fact that celebrities steal too… no matter how big or famous they are. Recognize how celebrities in the west are often taken to court for fraud and money laundering.

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Such is the case of Corazon Kwamboka and Wema Sepetu. For a celebrity who has the larger majority of her fanbase on social media, particularly Instagram and thus makes basically all of her money off of social media following, any bit of her likeness and image is one she uses for profit, therefore she guards her image very carefully and fights people who use it tooth and nail. It why it’s called digital property!

This time, she set her sights on Wema Sepetu who has stolen her likeness and used it to promote a business on her page.

The post was simply a video that Corazon had uploaded a while back prancing around, flaunting her figure. Wema posted that video but instead of giving Corazon the credit and moving along, she instead used the video to advertise an oil that was said to give women a good behind and a shapely body!

People in the comment began tagging Corazon, telling her they had stolen her video and after a few comments, someone went and posted on her page, telling her Wema Sepetu had stolen her image.

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She finally responded
“@rose_gathura thanks for letting me know. It’s very weird when people do that and a whole celebrity at that?”

It is not known whether she did reach out to Wema but after all the comments telling her not to post peoples pictures ad videos online, Wema just deleted all the comments under the picture!

Wema, by the way, isn’t the only one that is suspected of stealing. It has been said over the grapevine that the only reason Huddah Monroe is been in Dubai for so long and is not making moves like she wants to come back home is that she is under house arrest for her involvement with her ex-boyfriend’s 1 billion shilling fraud case and will not be allowed to be coming back for a very long time!