Comedian Crazy Kennar Exposed For Stealing

Comedian Crazy Kennar Exposed For Stealing

Popular Instagram comedian, Crazy Kennar has a case to answer to his diehard fans and followers.

The comedian is now under fire after it emerged that some of his most popular jokes are not so original after all.

In a video compiled by an Instagrammer, Kennar is exposed for stealing jokes from popular Churchill show comedian, YY Comedian.

The video compares the two comedians’ jokes and shows how Crazy Kennar’s jokes are similar to those of YY. Many of the allegedly copied jokes by Kennar were done by YY Comedian long before Kennar came into the limelight and this is what has landed him in trouble.

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Nairobi wizi. @yycomedian kuja nikushow kitu haujui wezi wamekuwa wengi lakini tutamalizana nao 1 by 1 confrim,” wrote the Instgrammer who shared his findings.

Kennar recently became an Instagram favourite is very popular with younger audiences while YY has been doing comedy since being featured on Churchill show.

Fans are, however, split on whether Kennar should be cancelled or not for copying jokes from YY.

Some fans who have come to Kennar’s defence have said that the modes of delivery of the jokes are different so there’s no harm in redoing the jokes. According to these netizens, Kennar’s delivery is via videos and short clips while YY’s delivery is via standup.

Others are of the opinion that Crazy Kennar shouldn’t be copying ideas and have called him out saying that he should give credit where it’s due.

Kennar is yet to respond to the claims but we are curious as to what he has to say about the accusations.

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Crazy Kennar is not the only comedian who has been accused of recycling jokes, though. Comedians such as Njugush and the king of comedy himself, Churchill have been in the past accused of copy-pasting jokes.

In 2019, an upcoming artist, JB Mole, accused Njugush of copying and redoing his jokes. JB Mole went as far as sharing screenshots on his Instagram page comparing his jokes to those of Njugush leaving many shocked. Njugush, however, dismissed the claims saying that his jokes were all original and he had never stolen anyone’s ideas.

Churchill was once also trolled on Twitter by netizens who claimed that the comedian would copy jokes off Twitter and present them as his own during his morning show as King’ang’i with Maina Kageni on Classic FM.

What do you guys think? Should comedians copy each other’s jokes or should they be original?