Celebrity Couples With The Wierdest Relationships

Celebrity Couples With The Wierdest Relationships

Everyone has known that couple that’s so crazily and hopelessly in love with each other and wondered what brought and kept them together.

They never seemed to argue, they never seemed to be having problems with each other and least of all other people; it was like they had this huge secret to eternal happiness in romance that they completely refused to share with everyone no matter who it was that asked.

Until you found yourself with that knowledge and everything changed for you in regards to their relationship. Maybe they were actually in fact extremely toxic and never told a soul, maybe they had an incredibly perverse thing they did that just made you gag, maybe they were s****ers, maybe it was juju ad the relationship was actually hanging on by a thread.

Either way, your whole world was turned around and you never see the two of them the same again, no matter how big their smiles were and how aesthetic their pictures were or how touching their photo captions seemed to get.

Here, we’ve made a list of some of the couples considered…just odd.

Bien And Chiki Kuruka

One of the most respected and revered couples in the history of the industry has just about lost all of its fanbases by exposing the one secret that kept their marriage and relationship happy and intact for so long.

In an interview that Bien did, he just as causally revealed that the couple were in fact open relationship, saying that Chiki was actually allowed to sleep with anyone she had been having a crush on and so was he!

Granted, the Internet was very shocked by this news seeing as the couple had seemed to e one of those couples that were almost always heavily in love with each other and never knew what would rive the two to ‘cheat’
It may work on their relationship, but to many, that is an incredibly weird thing for couples to do.

Julie Gichuru and Anthony Gichuru

The two appear to be one of those couples that seem to have some sort of master key when it comes to having a long and successful marriage!

However, things began to change almost drastically when Julie revealed what she thought was the reason why their marriage was so fruitful and everlasting. She revealed that she considered her husband her first child.

Hold up… while to some it looks innocent, people with some deeper knowledge understand that it may mean something entirely different!

Amber and Jamal

Amber and Jamal may be trying their level best to come off a ride or die couple but the truth is, for many, the concept of having two wives that live not far from each other is definitely one that is not common and is not encouraged around these parts.

They seem to be truly in love with each other but many people just don’t believe it and most think that Amber is simply being used because the relationship’s dynamic is too foreign.